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Elliot Wren's 'Good Luck' shows you can escape toxicity

Elliot Wren’s new single 'Good Luck' rings loud and clear on the power within to protect one's self from abusive and controlling relationships. The song is about escaping a toxic situation and empowering yourself to put safety, self-love and happiness first. The "I’m gonna be gone by the time you're back, good luck with that" chorus blasts back with an emotional release and sense of freedom from captivity in a controlling space. You sense the intense emotion ramp up in the final chorus, and feel the power of control kick in.

Despite the raw emotions, the song has sweetness and innocence portrayed throughout its pop layered vocals and catchy melodies. The subtle demeanor Elliot portrays works to show her confidence in the belief all will be okay. The empowering lyrics slide through effective dynamics to convey the struggles within the relationship.

Stereo Stickman’s online music magazine describes the song as an “addictive pop-punk-esque hook, even feeling a little like a country pop fusion track, with a dash of Taylor and even a hint of early Avril to it.” Stickman also embraced the “catchy and beautifully performed song, with its mighty hook section that resolves well and is later followed by an impassioned middle-8 that furthers the empowering, rising energy of the whole thing.”

Elliot Wren, a non-binary singer-songwriter from Boston, MA, has been writing a lot over the summer months and quarantine period with 8 songs in process, and is an active performer on the Boston music scene and frequent performer at singer songwriter events. With personal goals to perform at Boston Pride, Elliot’s mission is to prove LBGTQ+ artists and those with disabilities can fulfill their dreams and escape discrimination and hardship through their music or passionate pursuits. Elliot’s influences are Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Colbie Callait and Taylor Swift.

Music Gateway’s PR release on ‘Good Luck’, describes the song as a narration of a moment of severe emotional upheaval in Elliot’s life and addresses how she grapples with the reality of the situation, and follows a get-out-quick survival plan to save herself. You feel the sense of relief and closure when the song concludes with “Good Luck with that” three times. It has a “see ya later...I’m done with you” finality, and you sense it became clear the relationship was toxic and harmful.

Elliot considers herself lucky to be working with award-winning producer Brad Young of BKY Music, which is a studio right around the corner from where she lives. Brad also produced her first single ‘RIP My Diary’ which has accumulated over 80,000 streams on Spotify. With the hope ‘Good Luck’ surpasses 100,000 streams, the song's reviews and early PR are an indicator it will achieve great success in its early months. Just in the first day steams exceeded 1,000.

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