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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Boston singer-songwriter and pop artist Seamus Fox, releases his debut single, "Road of Life", on November 19, 2021. The song is a chill indie pop song that opens up your eyes to seeing the world in new directions with open roads ready to be traveled. The song helps provide the mindset you can open up your eyes and see beyond the road blocks, dead-ends, and stop signs, and follow the open road. "Don't reverse, just step on the gas" and keep moving forward and see the open roads all over the map. The songs aligns well with the "smell the roses" idiom that means to relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life, as you need to take it all in and "open up your eyes to see all you pass".

The song's lyrics do a brilliant job to create a positive pathway to explore the world in new positive directions and to not hold back. It is universally applicable to everyone who strives to find a better route. With all the speed, turns and treachery we can encounter, the song helps plant the seeds needed for future roads filled with promise and opportunity to find precarious paths that defy the roads and scale the mountains.


Stop signs all over

Look beyond the pause

See the roads all around

To bypass all the blocks

Driving fast is a rush

Make your way at right speed

Open up your eyes

And see all that you pass

Passing through the dead ends

Chasing all lights

You'll find your way

Don't hold back

Don't reverse

Just step on the gas

It's an open road

It's the road of life

The road of life

Move in new directions

There are no dead ends

Open up your eyes

To the road of life you will find

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Move around

Don't stand with no sound

Explore the world

All roads out of sight

Passing through the dead ends

Chasing all lights

You'll find your way

Don't hold back

Don't reverse just step on the gas

It's an open road

Its the road of life

Think you're going somewhere

Find the bright lights just see them there

Let it all shine

And feel the glare

It's an open road

It's the road of life

The road of life

Always a way out

Another place to go

The song patiently maneuvers through the challenges the road of life can bring and the instrumental arrangement beautifully aligns with the song's dynamics with keys, strings and oboe creating the open vision of life's journey with a relaxed mood throughout. Seamus's calming smooth tone invites you to stay listening and wanting to hear it all. The added speeding car sounds and effects help lock in the road trip's realism.

Seamus's sound is a combination of pop and indie with an ambient vibe. His vocals project believable emotion and quiet confidence. Among Seamus's favorite artists are Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.

The song was produced by Dan Seal of Lit Honey Productions. Seamus played the keys throughout the song, and added beautiful vocal layering to capture the positivity of the song's messaging.

The concluding lyrics, "Always a way out, another place to go", steers you through life's roadblocks to other places where one can travel in new and positive directions, and see the best scenery possible.

You fall in love with Seamus's welcoming vocals, and his shy yet head turning tone, in seconds. His voice is one that will be on repeat once this song is released, due to his relatable and universal lyrics and his heart capturing and pure and gentle vocal precision."-Performers on the Go, LLC

Seamus has been writing new music at the studios at the University of Tampa where he is a freshman. You may pre-save the song now and save it to your Spotify library. This new artist would love everyone's support.

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