Performers on the Go is a team of professionals that offer a broad scope of artist development, branding and content generation services. These services include music industry consultation, marketing, branding, website design, graphic design, videography, photography, songwriting, social media upkeep/strategy, promotional campaigns, PR and press releases, Spotify playlist pitching, management, booking, and studio production and consulting. We are mentors, coaches and supporters of rising talent. Each client relationship is customized and aligned with the client's priorities and future goals. We focus strongly on our office and Zoom development sessions which can include content generation, Spotify marketing strategies, competitive coaching, songwriting and vocal development and performance critiques. The coaching also includes stage presence training for preparation of live performances.

We are committed to having artists be on the go and see their "music on the rise".  Artists in all career levels participate from those with first time releases to those working on EPs and albums. 

The management has also casted for American Idol for several seasons, and has provided artists for other music projects for songwriters and music entities.​ An affiliated organization, Young Performers Club, manages a long-term competitive showcase series at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe for all age groups.

The business  has a strong referral base from music education professionals, existing clients, venues and industry executives.

CEO/Owner Patricia Duffey was the co-founder of the All You Got Tour, a youth music tour traveling through the New England region to a great lineup of venues, festivals and events. The tour completed over 100 tour stops, has had over 100 artists participate, and has performed in over 100 locations.


  • 20+ years in the music industry in consulting, development, song productions and content generation

  • Founder and current owner of the Young Performers Club

  • Former owner of the All You Got Tour and Artists on the Move, managing a three year New England tour

  • Founder of the Grand Finale competition series at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe

  • Direct management of three bands

  • Worked on over 25 song productions

  • Managed hundreds of shows

  • Long-term 11 year relationship with the Boston Hard Rock Cafe

  • Development of over 30 artists

  • BSBA, MBA and design and photography certifications

  • New England Music Award Committee Member three years

  • Developed Spotify marketing program for existing artists and educational series for artists


We have relationships with many Boston area venues where they have regular shows, open mics and special events. These venues include the Boston Hard Rock Cafe, The Middle East, Thunder Road, Loretta's Last Call, the Black Box Theater, Hampton Seashell Stage, Lawn on D, Koto and many other cafes and community venues. The operation can generate 5-10+ shows and events each month which can include competitions, charity events, industry meet ups, radio shows, auditions, tour stops and venue events. During the busy summer months this activity level can dramatically increase.


Performers on the Go showcases  artists, industry professionals, and music news on their blog. For blog consideration, please submit your music or stories.  The Performers on the Go newsletter is distributed each month to all the artists and other professionals in our network. Currently, the readership is at 87%. The newsletter includes artists successes/news, music happenings and industry and career education content. 


  • Managed three teen bands for a combined 15 years

  • Casted for American Idol for four seasons

  • Branded shows which have drawn large crowds such as "Little Big Shots of America"

  • Co-managed a successful competitive Open Mic series at Boston venues (Landsdowne Pub/Loretta's Last Call) for over two-years

  • Member of the New England Music Awards Committee and 2022 event sponsor

  • Long-term relationships with quality service providers including vocal coaches, producers and recording studios

  • Coached artists to top finishes at large regional competitions

  • Participated in the development of a New England Tour, the All You Got Tour

  • Strong relationships with VIP and Grammy level professionals

  • Spotify results include placements on editorial playlists, top algorithm playlists and quality curators lists that generate strong streams

  • Technical and professional skills in photography, videography, graphic design, blogs/newsletters and song production

  • BSBA, MBA and design and photography certifications

  • Performers on the Go developed the first hands on training program in the region for artists on Spotify marketing

  • Performers on the Go artists and affiliated artists have consolidated Spotify streams exceeding 1.0 million.