Performers on the Go, LLC works with original artists who are actively writing and recording new music to expand their catalogue of songs for placement on streaming platforms, to pursue sync placement opportunities, and to attain career influencing visibility.
Positioning music for sync placements is a learning process for artists, and requires extensive research and ongoing education on how best to maneuver and market to the various sync markets; TV, radio, film, commercials, podcasts, social media and micro media. Performers on the Go will organize songs approved for placement in the sync library in presentation folders, and will pitch songs directly to music supervisors and sync placement agents.

Performers on the Go has established a qualification process for accepting songs into its SyncSONG library with a focus on the following:
  • Song production quality review
  • Genre review and placement assessment
  • Song structure (length, composition)
  • Identifying placement strategies for pitching to Music Supervisors 
  • Evaluating the technical criteria required for sync placement submissions
  • ​Management of documentation and placement contracts with all associated parties
  • Creating artist's song pitch and resume data
Song submissions may be sent to We will follow up with a summary of information we will need to fully evaluate your placement in the Performers on the Go SyncSONG Library, and eligibility for placement services. In the initial email, artist's will send Performers on the Go, LLC:
  • Song MP3 (in all variations requested)
  • Song Metadata
  • Song genre
  • Song pitch
The placement fee structure with all parties involved in the placement, will be provided upon acceptance into the library.
Management will include Patty Duffey CEO of Performers on the Go, LLC, and Brian Duffey, Chief Operating Officer. Brian previously was CEO of Swedish company, Mycronics Corporation, for 29 years and was responsible for generating in excess of $1 billion in business, and managed the US operations. In the COO position at Performers on the Go's Sync Division, Brian will be focused on the operations and marketing strategy/development for each track in the Performers on the Go SyncSONG Library.
The division's mission will be to create a quality sync library with songs from all genres, and initiate a wide range of placements across all media markets.