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Performers on the Go has accumulated 2,000,000+ Spotify streams, has 500+ playlist placements, has Spotify editorial and algorithm playlist placements, has 50+ original songs we have worked on (includes activity with former company Artists on the Move closed due to partnership change), and has many new songs in process.

The artists in our program represent many genres including pop, rock, heavy metal, heavy rock, indie, easy listening, R&B, rap and hip hop.

2021 awards artists received are summarized below:

  • Catching Arrows rock song "Locked In" won the John Lennon weekly songwriting competition.
  • Maya Salafia won the 2021 Performers on the Go lyric competition with her song "In the fall" and also placed 2nd with the song "First Grade".
  • Three artists were semi-finalists in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition; Maya Salafia/"First Grade", Seamus Fox/"Road of Life", and Trisha and Thara/"Regret"
  • The Loop won the 2021 Performers on the Go Song of the Year with "Affirmations".
  • Noah Hatton and Kyle Bourque won the 2021 Loretta's Last Call/Performers on the Go "Back to Live" songwriting competition with their original songs "Love the way you cry" and "Dance with the devil".
  • Mel Fine won the "Your Song" original song competition with her song "Alone Together" (song is releasing in March 2022), winning a recording prize with Lit Honey Studios and song promotion marketing package with "Performers on the Go, LLC.
Below is the artwork from songs we have worked on in a variety of roles including production, creative direction, songwriting, photography, playlist pitching, song promotion, PR and more.
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