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We have established live shows and sessions safety guidelines which will be in effect once Artists on the Move is operational with live shows and sessions activities. These guidelines will be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis, and will be posted in our newsletter, group Facebook page and our website. We will stay informed on all the government updates both locally and nationally. We will be cautious and safety focused on all events and activities, and will closely evaluate every new environment where we have schedule activities. Our gig sheets for performers will include the Covid-19 policy guidelines specific for each show.


Our guidelines apply to all performers, Artists on the Move clients and their respective family members and those driving them to and from activities.

Each participating artist in an Artist on the Move managed event will be required to sign a Covid-19 Liability Release Waiver before each show they participate in. 


  • All shows will keep performers safely distanced from each other at a minimum of 6 feet apart.

  • All live shows will have the stage/performance set up set up with sufficient distance between the performers and show personnel and the audience.

  • Nobody will be permitted on stage until they are called up to set up their equipment.

  • Gigs sheets will be sent on all shows and will contain a listing of Covid-19 requirements for artists and guests.

  • Disinfectant stations will be positioned in a safe location at all shows, and artists are encourages to bring their own cleaning items for their equipment. All equipment should be disinfected before shows.

  • Only the owner(s) of the equipment will touch their equipment, and if changes are needed it will be directed by show personnel.

  • Performers will remain with their family and not gather in social circles while the state transition through the government guidelines is in effect.

  • All singers will be required to have their own microphones and equipment disinfectants for both sessions and shows.

  • All performers will have a designated party to store their instrument cases with so they are kept a safe distance from other show participants.

  • All performers should not bring any more equipment than what is requested.

  • Shows may require more set up time under this new plan, and all specifics will be provided in the gig agreements along with a copy of this new structure.

  • Masks are encouraged for both the audience and performers and will be relaxed in alignment with the state protocols.

  • Disinfecting solutions will be visible at all shows and sessions, and office surfaces and the office restroom will be cleaned daily. The office bathroom will have a touch free soap dispenser.

  • No gathering in green rooms and performer spaces will be permitted.

  • All artists should use bathroom facilities in public places before going to the barn sessions. Use of the personal residence will not be permitted.

  • Only one performer at a time will be permitted in the office and barn session locations, unless it is a show or special event.

  • All performers/clients should cancel appointments if they are symptomatic.

  • Future shows will be reviewed for safety issues, and will be rescheduled if it’s determined to be unsafe.

  • Any third-party organizations we are affiliated with will provide us their Covid-19 policies which will be available to share with clients.

  • Venue managers will be contacted to obtain a summary on the venues Covid-19 policies.

  • In the transition months, we will minimize heavily attended events in favor of events in controlled-safe environments. Also, outdoor events will be pursued more than indoor events in the early months, and all safety procedures will continue to be evaluated. On events we manage directly, we will have specific crowd/audience controls in place and when possible assigned seating areas. 

  • In lieu of sessions, we will be providing options to do other activities like we are now with the driveway photoshoots using long lenses and practicing social distancing.

  • Each month we will offer both private and group Zoom sessions to accommodate all artists. Office sessions will be marked with designated locations for the parent to sit and the performer to sing at the government distance requirements. Until further notice it is advised one parent accompany the artist to office sessions. All doors knobs will be disinfected both upon entry and with the office door. The bathroom will be cleaned after each use.

  • The office common areas will contain disinfectant both upon entry and exiting the 2nd floor location.


  • Artists will be discouraged from close socializing during events, and all activities both on and off the stage will be monitored. Singers should not sing in the direction of band members and maintain distance on the stage.

  • The office has a No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer which will be present both in the office and at shows.

  • Upon entering artists and their guests will be asked if they have been exposed to anyone with a positive Covid test and if they have traveled more than an hour distance to get to the event or been on a plane.

Artists on the Move will continue to focus on instituting enhanced cleaning protocols, mask requirements, health screenings and social distancing to maintain a healthy environment for sessions and events. 

Copy of the Covid-19 Liability Release Waiver follows.

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