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Boston's new duo, The Loop, changes skin color perceptions focuses on self-love in their new singles

Boston R&B/pop duo, The Loop, released back-to-back singles on February 12 and March 18, 2021, “See me beyond my skin” and “Affirmations”. Both songs project a vision of confidence and focus on the potential for strengthening self-worth and personal discovery. The group’s debut single, “See me beyond my skin”, uses spoken soul intertwined with sweet vocals and harmonies to communicate the existence of racism and colorism from the perspective of today’s youth. The Loop’s lyrics express we all should fit successfully in today’s world despite our skin color…

Not dark enough to be black

Not light enough to be white

Don’t you dare try to ostracize me because I may be lighter or brighter than you

You are me and I am you

Listen to both songs at:

There is a calmness and simplicity throughout their songs, which is an open invitation to change perceptions, relieve emotional wounds, and bond together to bring power and strength to each other and our lives. You are loved for being you is a central message throughout their music.

Their second release “Affirmations” expresses the importance of self-love and positivity to every day existence. Powerful affirmations like “I am strong”, “I am brilliant”, “I am destined for greatness”, can change your world, perspective on lovability and vision for achievement and purpose. This self-love can transform your direction and provide great confidence that positivity will shine your way.

This driven and enthusiastic duo, created by Marcia Bibbins and M’Zariah Starr, ages 15 and 16, was formed originally on a childhood and school friendship, a connection on music and a collaborative strength to share their vision on their potential and life’s perceptions. They have embarked on a committed plan to explore opportunity and promise through their music and aspiring and heart felt activism. Their music fits across many genres and is a unique blend of pop, R&B, rap and spoken soul, that removes all judgment and creates an open mind on how people envision the world and those in it. They are all around artists fully engaged in writing and producing.

The Loop which stands for "ladies of opportunity and promise", want their song to represent all one can achieve beyond the color of one's skin. There are no perceptions stopping their momentum, but instead are open pathways of opportunity and potential, and a world where people from all walks of life can be seen for who they are, love the color of their skin, and have people see the truth of who they are. "That’s where we tell our stories, through the music,” says Starr. “We wrote the song to bring everybody together.”

The duo’s songs, “See me beyond my skin” and “Affirmations”, have been released during a celebratory time with Black History Month, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. The debut single, “See me beyond my skin”, was released on February 18, which was Toni Morrison’s birthday, the African American author well-recognized for his contributions to the black community. "Affirmations”, the second single released on March 18th, was released on the birthday of Queen Latifah, a notable African American icon who has made her mark as an advocate for women.

“In our music we talk about self-acceptance, self-love, and of humbleness and self-motivation. I think these topics are important to talk about because as a teenager and as a human it's been hard to understand what self-love means and how important it is, and I think as humans we get caught up in day-to-day living that we forget that self-maintenance and self-love is just as important as money or a job”, explains the duo.

“Music is the source of my happiness; not just what it sounds like but how it makes me feel,” said Marcia.

“Music is my outlet and I make it so people can feel what I feel. I want my music to be an outlet for people around the world,” said M’Zariah Starr.

In the initial weeks of their release, they have appeared on and have been interviewed on numerous radio shows, have participated and won talent events, and have been in many publications, including the Bay State Banner, Rattler Magazine and Gas Mask Magazine. Most recently, they won first place in the Teen Maker Showdown for "Affirmations", and first place for their song, "See me beyond my skin" in Loretta's Last Call "Back to Live" qualifier and also top finalist. and appeared live on 98.1 FM Urban Heat.

Some artists Marcia enjoys are Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Aretha Franklin, and Chloe and Halle, Jacob Collier, and Usher/ She describes herself as motivated, driven, perseverant. Marcia’s favorite quote is, “Our lives begin to end the day become silent about things that matter”, Martin Luther King.

MZ’s favorite artists are, Rihanna and Jazmine Sullivan. She describes herself as determined, motivated and loyal. Her favorite quote is, “Self-love is the best love.”

“Speaking truth to power about the personal experience of skin color and all that means in this world, the track is very engaging. Often in music there may be the impulse to dazzle, to blow the roof off the place, in order to be seen, be heard. The Loop takes the route of firm messaging and thoughtful prose, clever writing getting the message across well. I got a sense of the singer’s life, a taste of what goes through their mind, of how they have to consider the world as they are aware of how the world considers them.“, Gas Mask Magazine

The duo has serious and aligned goals for their future, and hopes to one day perform at Cochella. Their respect and support of each other shines through on stage and in their music, interviews and PR.

The duo is creating their own space in music, and is showing the power of their bond, and the strength we all have to influence perceptions and invite others to see all the potential that exists if we open our hearts and minds to a future full of opportunity and promise. Their creativity, soulful talent, and unique approach of merging genres enables them to project emotions, foster connections and understanding, and deliver thought driven and impactful entertainment.” Performers on the go

Both singles are on Spotify and other streaming platforms worldwide. The duo may be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Patty Duffey, Performers on the Go

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