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Maximilian Wentz’s six singles surpass 300,000 streams.

Maximilian Wentz reached a new milestone with 300,000+ Spotify streams on his six singles, and numbers across all social platforms keep rising. He had his own agenda during 2020, and had a plan in place he was making progress on every day on new content and marketing promotions. Max’s six songs have been placed on a large number of Spotify playlists, have received great reviews, have been the main feature on local radio shows, and have reached an ever-growing fanbase. His recordings were arranged and solely performed by Max on vocals and acoustic guitar at area studios; Red13 Studios, Sound Shuttle Studios and The Fringe. There is a quiet simplicity about his music, but dynamic waves drive hard throughout his songs making you feel their bold impact and emotional release of life’s experiences.

A recent review covered his latest release, “Sorry”, which is a emotionally expressive song that is about his grandmother who suffers from dementia. The song really revolves around the feeling of losing someone you love, even if they are still alive. Max hopes people who listen to his song cherish the time they have with those around them and let them know they are loved. Max’s newly released music video for “Sorry” currently has over 10,000 YouTube views. It was shot around his hometown of him performing “Sorry”. The emotions he evokes in his music is genuine and heartfelt.

“You gotta salute artists like this guy, who can push through the pain, and still find a way to say what they need to say, while healing as best they can with the music they make to guide them, and I think many listeners out there will relate to the gripping honesty you’ll find in the way Wentz has written his words and the range of complexity that’s revealed through the varying emotions that transition between the intensity of guilt and his loving devotion to a family member he’s devastated to be losing a piece at a time. Ultimately, it takes superhuman strength to write a track as personal as this is, and Wentz should be proud of the results for what it sounds like for sure with its acoustic tension, but even more-so for what this song stands for and its unwavering love on display.”-Sleeping Bag Studios

Max’s passion for music was evident and he began singing, composing original music and forming metal/hard rock bands by the age of 13. The singer songwriter and indie singer from Haverhill, MA embarked on his solo career in the spring of 2017 performing his original music at Mixx360, the Hard Rock Cafe, the Boys, Hampton Beach Sea Shell Stage, The Strand Theatre, The Stone Church Music Club, and Loretta’s Last Call. Max has also participated in the All You Got Tour Band for several years as a lead singer, doing numerous shows throughout the region. Max is always working or brainstorming on the next project.

Max’s creative drive grew stronger because of the events in 2020, and instead of waiting for the world to open back up, Max, entrenched himself in a new EP for a newly formed band, 51st State. The band’s EP will have three new original songs, “Close to the Surface”, “Glow”, and “Wrath”, and will be released early summer.

Max’s rich tone, flawless vocals lifting to falsetto highs, poetic lyricism, masterful guitar playing, clever story lines and eerie soulful presence, make Maximilian Wentz a distinctively unique performer. The overall support from his music peers is well-recognized and highly respected".- Performers on the Go

Learn more about Max's music career on his website at, and on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Patricia Duffey, Performers on the Go

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