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We have seen an increase in album releases over the last year. Three albums we have been promoting include Own World by hip-hop artist Roman., After a while by surf rock band Dune Dogs, and Mare by heavy metal artist Maximilian Wentz. The 32 collective songs have received 198,500 streams on Spotify, have been reviewed by 51 music blogs and publications, and have been placed on 270 playlists.

For album marketing, we work with the artist to determine the order of the song marketing and work to get each song streaming over 1K streams. To date, 23 songs are streaming over 1K, and the marketing cycle is in its early stages. Performers on the Go loves working on new song promotion projects and is continuously expanding their PR and curator networks. All placement activities on blogs and playlists are recorded on a shared Google document so the artists can track all the placement confirmations.

Gone are the days when you put out a single, EP, or album and let the marketing efforts shut off in the early months of a release. We see continued success with consistent marketing and are always exploring new promotion avenues. When you track the songs being placed for sync placements it is common to see songs 5-10+ years old getting placements, so you just never know when something exciting will happen.

We recommend a consistent flow of content so each subsequent release can benefit from the success of the prior releases. We also recommend having strong traction on all songs before releasing new songs.

Spotify keeps a playlist of nearly all songs with over one billion streams. As of March 2023, a total of at least 370 songs have reached this milestone. Another surprising statistic is that nearly 80% (78.4%) of artists on Spotify today – around 6.3 million of them – have a monthly audience on the platform smaller than 50 people. To keep these numbers moving upward requires a dedicated marketing effort.

We focus seriously on developing the marketing plan for the release, with a strong focus on targeting curators and publications in the artists' genre.

We are impressed with the content quality and marketing success of the artists who released these three albums. The other interesting fact is that they are all college/graduate school students. Maximiian Wentz is in a masters program at Berklee School of Music, Roman. is a senior at Berklee School of Music and Dune Dogs band members are in their freshman year of college. with three in South Carolina and one in CA.

We can't wait to see what's in the works for 2023, but know they are all actively writing new songs for 2023/2024 releases.

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