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Berklee's Own Grable Howie Clinches Victory as the 2024 Performers on the Go Grand Finale Champion

Updated: Mar 29

We are thrilled to celebrate Grable Howie, a 20-year-old talented singer-songwriter and alternative-folk artist, as the champion of the 2024 Performers on the Go Grand Finale Series. A junior at Berklee College of Music, majoring in independent recording and production, Grable has become a local favorite, entertaining audiences at many Boston venues.


Grable's tenure at Berklee isn't just about performances; he dedicates himself to crafting new music every day. These compositions range from personal artist projects to collaborations, and professional commissions.


His talent shone brightly at the Grand Finale where he swept the competition with three stirring performances, earning him the Grand Champion title from the unanimous decision of the VIP judges, alongside the Top Original Artist and 2nd place Original Song awards. Participating on the judging panel were Richard Sokolow, Tyler Levs, Lacy Bebe, and Joliet4.

The Performers on the Go Grand Finale Talent Series, now in its 13th year, has become a hallmark event for discovering and nurturing new talent across New England. With its origins in the iconic Hard Rock Café, the finale venue this year was Loretta’s Last Call, featuring a diverse mix of genres from sixteen talented artists. The event provides not only visibility for emerging artists but also substantial professional support to the winners. Grable joins former Grand finale Finalists/Champions Sasha Sloan. Meghan Trainor, Scott Isbell, Sam Robbins, Lauren Weintraub, Dennis Taylor, Amanda McCarthy, Zola Simone and many more.


Since its inception, Performers on the Go — originally known as Artists on the Move and the All You Got Tour — and The Young Performers Club have played a pivotal role in the music scene, producing over 500 music events across the New England region and offering numerous opportunities through online songwriting and performance contests.

 Many past finalists and champions of the Grand Finale have catapulted to success in their music careers. We eagerly anticipate following Grable Howie’s journey as he navigates the music industry with upcoming shows and releases.


Below is a glimpse into our recent conversation with Grable, delving into his journey as an artist.

How long have you been performing?


I did my first performances in elementary school when I participated in the annual musicals! I then joined choir and orchestra during my middle/high school years. Only once I got to Berklee did I begin doing my own solo gigs with original music! 


What are some of your favorite performance spots in Boston?


A few of my favorite spots are The Bebop, Lorettas Last Call, The Burren, and The Red Room at Cafe 939. I’ve performed in all of these venues multiple times and have really enjoyed myself in each. 


What was the concept and vision for your new release? Please share your inspiration behind the song? What other releases do you have planned?


My debut single “Where We Used To Be” is a song about moving to a new place and learning how to live on your own. I was inspired to write this song when I moved to Boston for my first year of college. Being across the country from my family and learning how to live on my own was really hard. This song helped me process all of those emotions, and I’m very happy to share it with everyone in the hope that it may help with something similar for them. In terms of other releases, I haven’t officially announced anything yet, but it would be a good idea to stay tuned on my Instagram.


What did you learn from your experience in the Grand Finale? How did you prepare for the finals? What did you focus on most?


My first performance in the Grand Finale Qualifier was very tough, I did not come in feeling 100%. My voice felt tired and it was a rocky performance overall. Quite honestly, I was surprised to make it to the finals. However, once I did, I knew that I couldn’t waste the opportunity. I decided to change up my set list and take some risks playing new and difficult originals. I felt much better about my performance in the finale, and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to compete! Congrats to all the other performers, you were incredible.


What were your biggest challenges on recording your new single? How helpful were fellow students in the process?


At the time when I began work on this song I felt that using some outside help on the mixing side would be very useful. My production skills are fairly well established but I’m still learning about the mixing side of things. To finalize the track, I worked with an amazing producer/engineer named Andrew Alvarado. He’s an LA native MPE major in his 8th semester. He helped me wrap production, record better instruments, and mix the song! 


Where did you obtain your music training?


I first began learning about music theory during middle school when I joined the choir and orchestra. Those years truly helped me establish a strong music theory knowledge before I went to Berklee. 


I set a lot of goals! Many of them are on a semesterly basis, others yearly, and then there are major long term goals. Short goals include the number of gigs I’ll do each year, how many songs I write, or how many releases I’ll have. One of my long term goals is to write a song with Coldplay. Yes, this is a very lofty goal! However, I always operate on a “go big or go home” type of mindset. 

What tools, apps and resources did you find to be most helpful in the day to day management of your songwriting and recording?


Logic has been my creative playground for years, and I don’t see that changing. It is so seamless and user friendly. Another program I’ve begun to use for editing my promotional videos is CapCut! 


What advice do you have for artists working on new releases?


For any first release, it is never going to be perfect. At some point, you have to just get the ball rolling! There will always be things you hope to improve on with each new release, and that is normal for even the largest artists. Pick a song that you really resonate with and show it to the world! 


What is your genre?


I mainly work in the genre of Alternative/Folk. A few stamps of my musical style are lots of BGVs, finger picked acoustic guitar, and lush pads/strings! 


What have you learned from observing other artist's new music projects?


I’ve learned that we all bring such different things to the table! It is so inspiring listening to my friend’s new music. We all have different tastes, tendencies, and genres. One thing I’ve realized to be true for every song is that the level of authenticity can be felt right away. If a song is truly authentic to the artist, that will shine through. 

What three words describe you best?


Ambitious, Independent, Persistent 


What is the one thing that you'd like your fans to know about you?


There aren’t many of you yet, but to any who I’ve met so far, thank you for believing in my music! I want you to know that I’ll always display absolute authenticity in my music and performances. 


What have been some of your favorite shows you've done to promote the new music?


Recently, I performed an acoustic set at Caffe Nero through Breaking Sound Boston. I did this show on the eve of my debut single release, and I had such a great time playing all original music for a very intimate and attentive crowd of fellow Berklee students and local fans. 


Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases and creative endeavors? How do you plan to continue evolving your sound?


Stay tuned on my Instagram and TikTok for more content and sneak peaks at new original music! While I have not yet announced an official release date, my next single is right around the corner! 


How do you plan to use your cash award?


I’m going to buy a little bit of recording gear, some new strings for my guitars, and also maybe a few coffees here and there to help me get through this semester.


What have been some of your most helpful classes while at Berklee?


One of my favorite classes so far was Advanced Guitar Techniques for Songwriters. Led by an incredible professor named Mark Simos, this class teaches students how to use the guitar to its fullest potential for the purpose of songwriting. 


You can stay connected with Grable and his musical journey on Instagram @grable_howie.



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