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Dune Dogs Band releases Reggae infused single “Citrus”

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The Dune Dogs, a group of close high school friends from St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA, decided to get the beach party going by forming a rock band in October 2019. The band worked in basements, garages and barns to bring together their creativity and music vision. The band covers popular surf and beach covers and original music that blends island and beach music. Their intent was to create music that has a sound so unique it separates them from both current and trending music.

The band’s music is a mix of many styles has an intriguing appeal. The band was formed by Nick Bernarducci (lead vocals), Nick Brescio (lead guitar), Beau Colvin (bass, keyboard), and Ben Buckley (drums). The band’s mission has always been to create their own unique style of music and now with each release they feel they have mastered a plan to produce music with a sound everyone will love. They describe the band as an alternative beach-rock band with influences of pop, reggae and funk. The band’s beach themed attitude and positive energy has fans ready to get in on all the fun.

The island groove of their newest November 2021 release, “Citrus”, has a grasp on appeal with fans curiosity sparked throughout the song. The song leaves the emotions open for interpretation when a friend never showed up and the long walk back to home was a welcome escape to take all the surroundings in and enjoy the time with no connection to anyone or any place. Just sandy shorts, blown out flip flops and the citrus air established the mood. “Citrus stings on my arms my back”, the chorus’s hook, captures the mystery present in the song, and the decision to not wait and move forward with resilience and

The band finds a reggae groove and sticks with it throughout the song, setting the tone early on. Adding slow moving vocals it establishes a chill feel to the song. The precise locked in instrumental alignment elevated the beat in the chorus which helped set the mood and drive energy into the mix. The song features diaglogue by renowned east coast professional surfer Ben Gravy.

The band plays at any and all venues, and have a range of music including covers and originals.

The band plays all over the North Shore region and in 2021 performed at Plum Island Grille, Metzy Cantina, Newburyport Brewery, Franconia Rugby Festival and Yankee Homecoming parade. There were the 2020 High School Battle of the Band’s winner which helped them obtain added exposure and open new opportunities,

They effortlessly demonstrate their close friendship both on and off the stage, and have a genuine presence that is welcoming and engaging. Their plan to accomplish as much as possible in their senior years on their music, speaks to their passion and commitment to carry out their goals and commitments to each other.-Performers on the go, LLC

During the pandemic, the band members worked hard to complete a full album of content, with the release coming early in 2022.

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