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From Young Talent to Berklee Freshman: Celebrating Maya Salafia's Journey in Music

As Maya Salafia caps off her high school career at Lexington High School, she's not just graduating with honors-she's also launching into a promising future in music. This fall, Maya embarks on her next big step as a freshman at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Songwriting with a minor in Film and Media Scoring. Maya is an indie pop artist and singer-songwriter who has an impressive catalogue of original music, and performance resume and awards. Previous summers she attended the Berklee LA Summer Songwriting Program, and the Aspire Five Week Program at the Boston campus, which provided a solid foundation for her college selection.


Maya has participated in the Performers on the Go artist program since she was 13 years old. Her focus included songwriting and recording, participating as the lead vocalist in the session musician tour band, solo performances, and competitions. While we will miss the presence and performances of artists as they head off to college, this blog remains our favorite to write because it captures the artist's remarkable accomplishments and resume-enhancing experiences over the past five years.


Maya has demonstrated a notable musical talent from an early age. She released her first EP, Trapped in a Daydream, at 13 years old. Her songwriting and musical talent was apparent from a very young age, as she wrote her first pop song at the age of nine. Maya’s music is influenced by many of today’s top artists including Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, Boy Genius, Lizzy McAlpine, and Beabadoobee.


By the ages of 15 and 16, she released singles "First Grade" and "Everlasting," which collectively amassed over 53,000 streams on Spotify in addition to features on over 80 blogs and placements on 200+ playlists. Currently, at 18, Maya is gearing up to release her debut 10-track album, Girl Like Her, featuring the already released popular single "Swim." Maya plans to release a series of singles leading up to the 2024 album release. The album production team includes production team of Owen Korzec, Performers on the Go, and Brad Young of BKY Studios.


Maya's live performances are a testament to her prowess as a solo artist. She has entertained audiences with two-hour sets of her original songs at top venues and festivals throughout Boston and New England, including Loretta’s Last Call, Lawn on D, Time Out Market, Faneuil Hall, Hard Rock Café, and at Food Trucks of America Festival events.


One memorable performance highlight was Maya's first two-hour solo show at Faneuil Hall-Boston, where she performed a set of all-original music inside the iconic rotunda. Passersby were captivated by her performance, stopping in their tracks to listen, many staying for the entire show to enjoy Maya's original compositions.


Maya is active in her school music activities which include being a soloist/arranger in the Lexington High School Student Directed A Cappella Group, “Euphoria”, a Solo Vocalist/Pianist and composer in the Lexington High School Jazz Big Band, and Co-leader of Lexington High School Songwriting Club.


A notable highlight in the spring of 2024, was her composition and performance of "Her Story" at the unveiling of the Lexington Women’s Monument (photo above), a song that will also feature in the PR and marketing campaigns of the nonprofit LexSeeHer. The organization recognizes and honors women's economic, political, intellectual, social and cultural contributions to their community and country. 


Academic and Competitive Achievements


Maya's academic journey is as impressive as her musical career. She maintained an "A" average throughout her time at Lexington High School, excelling in challenging Honors and AP classes, including AP Music Theory and Advanced Jazz Improvisation.


Her songwriting and vocal Performance skills have earned her numerous accolades/awards:


  • ·Two-time semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for her songs "First Grade" and "Everlasting."

  • ·First Place at the 2024 New England Music Festival in the Vocals with Instrument Category, among other awards, including being the recipient of the annual Aldo DeRossi Scholarship award.

  • ·Two-time winner (2021 and 2022) of the Performers on the Go Annual Lyric Competition.

  • ·Finalist in the 2024 Performers on the Go Grand Finale Series.


  • ·Numerous awards in the Young Performers Club competitions at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe; 2nd Place Solo Performer, 2nd Place Vocal Performance, Top Original songwriter.


  • Vocal soloist recognition at The Clark Terry UNH Jazz Festival 2024.

Beyond the Classroom


Outside the classroom, Maya has dedicated over 160 hours to community service, working as a summer camp counselor and engaging in homelessness outreach. She also co-leads the Lexington High School Songwriting Club and has achieved proficiency in piano, guitar, and sight-reading.


In addition to her school and community activities, Maya has also been imparting her skills at the Hipstitch Sewing & Crafting Studio in Wellesley, MA, teaching both children and adults since January 2022. Maya brings her passion for fashion into the classroom, and she also enjoys designing her own clothes and creatively repurposing vintage pieces to reflect her unique style.


Looking Ahead

As Maya prepares for her next chapter at Berklee, she leaves behind a legacy of musical innovation and community involvement at Lexington High School. Her journey from a local talent to a seasoned performer is just beginning, and the Berklee community awaits her arrival with open arms.


In the waves of Maya Salafia's latest track 'Swim', we're immersed in the ebb and flow of young love—its rapturous highs and the trepidation of the plunge. Maya masterfully captures the essence of that first leap of faith into love's unpredictable waters. It’s the sound of a heart beating wildly as it teeters on the edge of surrender. This song is a testament to her evolving artistry and an exciting preview of her journey at Berklee, promising even richer tales spun from her soulful tunes and insightful lyrics. Maya’s music is alive with joy and hope. It’s full of melodic hooks, simple eloquence, and poetic beauty that stays with you. ~Performers on the Go


Here are a few highlights from recent blogs and song reviews showing their attachment to her music:




With "Swim," she has expertly translated the raw emotions of the human experience into a sonic voyage that showcases her ability to create deeply personal and universally relatable music. This captivating single promises to make waves in your heart, whether you're riding the highs of newfound romance or reminiscing on past encounters.


Rock Era Magazine


Maya Salafia is a rising star with a gift for touching hearts. Her songwriting is a blend of smooth soul and expressive lyrics that effortlessly connect with listeners. Her latest track, “Swim,” is a perfect example. of this captivating artistry.


A&R Factory


If Maya Salafia doesn’t follow in at least some of Taylor Swift’s footsteps, I suggest we start a riot. Coincidentally, it isn’t only the poetic lyricism that would be equally as at home on Swift’s latest LP which bares reminiscence to the undeniable member of the contemporary pop pantheon. The breezy guitar chord progressions and vocal lines also echo in the same vein as Swift’s earlier work when the guitars aren’t running through the angular indie jangle pop notes and hook-rife warmly overdriven chords. If you’re sick of tuning into throwaway pop hits, hit play and find your new playlist staple.


Please join us in celebrating Maya's achievements and wishing her success as she continues to inspire with her music and dedication to her music career.


All updates on her career, music and events may be found on her website at, on Spotify, and on Instagram @mayasalafia.



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