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From Classroom to Center Stage: Celebrating Caleb Cascio’s High School Achievements and Graduation

Updated: Jun 10

As Caleb Cascio concludes his high school career at Central Catholic High School, it is the perfect time to reflect on his remarkable journey. Caleb joined our artist program at the age of 13, participating in our shows, competitions, and tours. He has also collaborated with our production team on his original song recordings. Diagnosed with high-functioning autism at an early age, Caleb has transformed his challenges into triumphs. He has maintained a demanding academic schedule and used music as a powerful catalyst for personal growth and social influence, consistently achieving honor roll status.


Caleb's musical journey began when the melodies of Taylor Swift inspired him to learn guitar at nine years old. His talent quickly blossomed, leading to over 50 performances across New England, and an impressive accumulation of over 100,000 Spotify streams on three original songs, “Roller Coaster”, On Mars”, and “You’re Not Alone “, and a sizable set list which includes cover songs from The weeknd, Rascal Flatts, Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, and Dean Lewis, early in his career.


This passion for performance didn't just serve as an artistic outlet but also as a platform for advocacy and fundraising, helping to raise over $100,000 for Autism Speaks. Caleb has also supported Cystic Fibrosis through performances at the annual volunteer appreciation event the last two years. He is frequently performing at fundraising golf outings. town holiday celebrations, and at church events.


Caleb’s performance history is as dynamic as his music. He has graced many of New England’s most prestigious stages, from Fenway Park to the Xfinity Center, not only showcasing his musical talent but also his commitment to charity through Autism Speaks. His engagements include heartfelt renditions of the National Anthem at major sporting events and headlining tours with the All You Got Tour Band performing both solo and as a member of the Synco Band, which highlights his versatility and appeal as a young singer-songwriter and performer.


Caleb's academic and extracurricular achievements are equally impressive. A member of multiple choirs including the Central Catholic High School Band, Pep Band, Liturgical Band, A cappella Choir (Central Harmony), and Liturgical and Concert Choirs, and also was the lead vocalist at the St. Michael’s Church Teen Choir. Caleb has showcased his vocal talents widely. His participation in prestigious events like the MMEA (Massachusetts Music and Education Association). Annual Senior District Music Festival at the New England Conservatory of Music underscores his musical prowess.

Caleb's resilience and adaptability shone through during a challenging transition period in high school when his voice began to change. Using the analytical skills he honed through his love for math and astronomy, Caleb transformed this obstacle into an opportunity, further refining his vocal talent. This period of growth culminated in him winning 3rd Place in three events; Vocal with Instrument, the Entertainment, and Billboard Songs at the New England Music Festival, a testament to his hard work and dedication. He was also a 2024 Grand Finale Finalist in the Grand Finale talent series which took place at Loretta's Last Call. He works with vocal coach Peter Thomsen, who has coached top performing singers including a winner of The Voice, and Performers on the Go to prepare for shows and competitions, and songwriting/recording./song promotion.


Following graduation Caleb was one of two recipients awarded the Capt. Jennifer J. Harris USMC Memorial Scholarship from a field of 80 submissions. The Scholarships were awarded on the basis of academic merit, an original essay, awards and recognition, and extracurricular and community service activities.


Throughout high school, Caleb used his music not only as an artistic expression but as a means to give back to the community. Performing at backyard concerts and community events, he opened his guitar case to donations, supporting causes close to his heart like autism awareness, veterans, and Special Olympics athletes. His single “You’re Not Alone” became an anthem of hope during the pandemic, uplifting many with its message of solidarity.


Beyond Music: A Passion for Math and Astronomy


Caleb’s passion for music is intertwined with his love for math and astronomy, reflecting a deep connection between these disciplines in his life. He is set to pursue a challenging dual major in Astrophysics and Mathematics with a minor in Music Performance at Wheaton College, reflecting his dedication to both the arts and sciences. He was awarded a full four year scholarship based on his academic record, community focus, and impressive resume. As Caleb prepares to enter Wheaton College he carries with him not just the accolades of his high school achievements, but the profound impact he has had on those around him. His story is one of overcoming adversity, embracing unique talents, and using them to light up the world.


Caleb's college essay asking him to describe obstacles he has overcome, he poignantly shared the challenges of his early life, including intensive therapy sessions and feeling distanced from typical childhood experiences. However, music provided a sanctuary and a platform for expression. This theme of overcoming adversity recurs throughout his essay, particularly during his high school years when a change in his voice posed a significant challenge. Caleb applied the same analytical skills he learned from his interest in math and astronomy to adapt and thrive, transforming his voice into "an instrument of hope and joy" during the pandemic.


Throughout his essay, Caleb reframes autism from a possible limitation to a unique gift that enhances his ability to perceive and create music. This perspective is a poignant reminder of the diversity of human experience and the potential within every individual. Caleb’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing one’s unique traits and using them to light up not only one's own world but also the lives of those around him.


Caleb Cascio's story is not just about overcoming obstacles; it's about transforming them into opportunities for growth, connection, and advocacy. His college essay beautifully illustrates how he has used his talents and challenges to compose a life that is as harmonious as it is impactful. As he steps into the future, Caleb continues to inspire and resonate with all who encounter his music and his message.


One of the most striking aspects of Caleb's narrative is how he intertwines his passions for music, math, and astronomy. He views these disciplines not as separate interests but as interconnected realms that teach him about patterns, rhythms, and the power of connections. This holistic view enhances his understanding of each field and enriches his life, allowing him to shine brightly like the stars he studies.


As Caleb transitions from high school to college, his journey reflects a commitment to growth, creativity, and service, setting a formidable example for peers and future generations. He is working this summer on two original songs, one where he will be singing on his brother’s debut single, and one he is writing about his transition to college. He is always ready to perform and has many summer shows planned including shows at the Cape Cod Music Room, Faneuil Hall and Salisbury Beach.

At his high school graduation awards night he received seven activities

awards in Liturgical Band & Chorus, Student Ambassadors, Concert Choir, Central Harmony, Jazz Band, Bowling, and Visions Literary & Arts Magazine Coffeehouse. 

Over the years, there have been numerous memorable moments with Caleb, but one particularly stands out. Without hesitation, Caleb boarded both the football and band buses, played his new song, and encouraged everyone to follow him on Spotify and stream the track. He was confident that this bold move would significantly increase his streaming numbers. He had the whole bus singing along. He took it one step further by distributing 500 bracelets embossed with his website link to all his classmates at the Homecoming Dance. This may have been Caleb's favorite memory seeing his classmates excited to receive the bracelets and dancing to his latest release, "Roller Coaster", played by the DJ.

It was so cool to learn about this direct marketing effort as it was at that time he became an entrepreneur, learning the PR and marketing process and how his influence had a major impact. Among many standout performances, Caleb's most memorable was at the New England Music Festival Vocal Championship. There, he delivered two consecutive songs with such emotion and beauty that many in the audience were moved to tears. His performance earned scores of 97% from the judges.

Congratulations, Caleb Cascio, on a remarkable high school career and best wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors.


Find out more about Caleb on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube, and at his website


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