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Maximilian Wentz's new single "Your Silhouette" escapes terror's grip

Maximilian Wentz released his 10th single “Your Silhouette” which is part of a series of songs inspired by the video game “Little Nightmares”. The song combines multi-genres woven throughout of rock, alternative rock, and heavy rock. The song is about wanting to save someone from their own darkness despite knowing you could get hurt doing so. You feel the urgency and desperation to escape terrors grip, and not let the shadows win the encounters. Wentz successfully incorporates every element available to deliver the fight of survival, and he does it all with his own instrumentals on drums, guitar, bass and anthemic vocals. The song transitions with episodes of calmness and ramps into powerful and heavy guitars locking horns with pounding drums to portray the power within to prevail over life and death to overcome what lies in the shadows of darkness. The lyrics can be applied to everyday life as we encounter new challenges that require us to get to tomorrow, and not allow the “shadows to take us away.” The hook lyric line, “Tomorrow is not far away”, repeats throughout the song making you believe that survival is imminent.

Past is the past now

Don’t look back

Just run faster we’re under attack

Tomorrow is not far away

The shadows can take us today

Just run faster we’re under attack

Finding the way out of this place

Terrors grip we will finally escape

Maximilian has full control over the production, vocals, and instrumentation, and incorporates ever-catchy rhythms which effectively transition throughout the song to capture the flight to survive. The song starts with melodic calming vocals, before moving into a driving anthemic chorus to create a harmonious combination between mellow and more extreme sounds.

Maximilian's sound is defined by its musical diversity, whether through more acidic and emphatic riffs or the exploration of translucent, ethereal music with lyrical virtuosity.

Maximilian Wentz is an indie singer-songwriter, heavy metal artist and multi-instrumentalist from Haverhill, Massachusetts. He combines elements of rock, heavy rock and metal, and Latin music to deliver a collection of unique songs that capture the dramatic and extreme emotions. He has German (Frankfurt) roots on his father's side of the family, and Latin roots on his mother's side of the family.

Maximilian is also a member and lead singer of the heavy metal band 51st State, formed in 2021, and in the summer months he has been a lead singer in the classic rock band Synco, managed by Performers on the Go, LLC, performing in 30+ shows each season.

Max has seven singles, three-song EP release with heavy metal band 51st State, and a new solo album, Mare releasing in Q1 2022.

His growing catalogue of music earned him a 2021 nomination for the New England Music Awards for "Top New Act of the Year".

"Wentz’s lyrical content often speaks about the darkness of the human soul, overcoming struggle, and the state of the world. “Max’s rich tone, poetic lyricism, clever storylines and eerie soulful presence make Maximilian Wentz a distinctively unique performer."-Performers on the Go, LLC

Wentz has performed in numerous venues across New England including the Worcester Palladium, Hard Rock Café, Faneuil Hall, Hampton Beach Seashell, Music Room of Cape Cod, Canobie Lake Park, The Middle East, and Food Trucks of America Festivals. He has also been featured on various radio stations such as Boston Free Radio, Boston Rock Radio, Rockin' the Berg Lunchbox series on Fitchburg's K-Zone 105.3 FM and 1280 AM WPKZ, Suffolk Free Radio, and Radio SNHU as a solo performer and with bands.

In 2020, Wentz released 6-song solo EP of indie originals. The first single, “Soldier”, is a song Wentz wrote as a tribute to U.S veterans. The other five singles on the EP are, “Psychotic”, “Dethstar”, “Accept”, “Madman”, and "Sorry". As of January 2022, Wentz’s new solo EP surpassed a new milestone with 560,000+ streams on Spotify, with “Accept” and "Sorry” having a combined 250,000 streams.

In late 2020, Wentz formed the hard rock duo, 51st State with bassist/keyboardist Conor MacGinnis ("Big Mac"). With Wentz on vocals, guitar, and drums and MacGinnis on bass and keyboard, the band has recorded a 3-song EP, which was released in July, 2021. Wentz’s newest acoustic single, “Sorry”, was released on September 25, 2020, and is believed to be one of the most emotional pieces he has ever written. Wentz is currently preparing to release a 10-song metal/rock album "MARE", which he produced, did the vocals for, and played all the instruments.

​"The Sixth" was the first release with Maximilian performing multiple instruments that transition through many genres including indie, heavy rock, and metal. The song, inspired by the video game "Little Nightmares", is the first in a series of singles to be a part of the new Mare album. When Max was a young teen, his band was all in on heavy metal music production and live performances, so this song shows all the sides to Max's talent and broad music scope. The song continuously surprises with the song's dramatic instrumental, vocal layering and tempo transitions. Max shows his melodic side at the start of the song with tastefully spaced acoustic and ambient sections, and quickly transitions to eclectic guitar solos, heavy riffs, and unexpected episodes of angry ranting growls. The vocals are both quiet yet commanding, soft yet fierce. As the emotions ramp up, the head bobbing tempo makes you feel the entrapment and battle to escape. It carries on like a cosmic avalanche keeping listeners committed to see a return to home and a familiar space. The lyrics brilliantly capture the struggle within and monsters in view.

Max’s rich tone, poetic lyricism, clever storylines, and eerie soulful presence make Maximilian Wentz a distinctively unique performer. who creates his own style and blended genre. From indie to heavy metal, Max's depth of talent continues to climb. -Performers on the Go, LLC

While the album does focus on the storyline of the game, each song is also about an aspect of real life. “The Hunter”, while it is about the creature known as the hunter in Little Nightmares, is also about domestic abuse which is something many people unfortunately face daily. “Centerpiece”, while it is about the monster known as ‘the lady’ in Little Nightmares, is also about how anger and jealousy can corrupt people and lead them down the path of self-destruction. “Hospital”, while it is about the monsters known as ‘the patients’ and ‘the doctor’, is also about the throes of depression and the desire to feel complete.

There is a lot to look forward to with the 10-track album release, coming late fall 2022. Following this album, will be a second album which is already being written and recorded.

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