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You may be surprised what you will find about yourself if you Google your name and the names of your songs. Blogs come up high in Google searches, so this is a great way to get information out to people about your career and music. PR is gold and can attract much attention to your brand and your music. Every campaign for a new release should contain PR goals and have a committed plan to get reviewed by blogs and industry publications. There are many forms of blogs including interviews, independent reviews and reposts of existing content.

It is more than just words and has many benefits...

  • BROADENS REACH: You can reach new audiences through the blog, its marketing and its networks and social clout.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE CONTENT: You can use the contents of blogs as quotes in your website, social media, resume, EPK and your own PR.

  • STAYS ONLINE: Blogs will stay online unless the owner removes them, and they usually come up high in Google searches.

  • INDEPENDENT REVIEWS: You will obtain independent reviews of your music and career which can provide valuable feedback to learn and grow from, and can attract people who don't know you to listen to your music.

  • ATTENTION GETTING: When you post an article, blog or press release about your music, it attracts attention. It elevates the artist's brand, and impresses fans and followers. It can also bolster an artist's following if the audience shares the content.

  • EASILY SHAREABLE: Blogs usually offer sharing options to all prominent social media platforms which helps in expanding the audience reach.

  • OTHER PR WILL FOLLOW: Once you start getting PR on your music, it is likely other PR will follow as industry representatives love to follow the action.

We have compiled some highlights of quotes obtained from recent blogs on Performers on the Go Artists.


"Romantic, excellent composer and owner of a strong voice, Maya makes her new love song, “First Grade”, raise relevant emotional issues in the lives of all those who felt the force of a first love. Raising questions as to whether it is difficult to forget a first love, how long we hope it will last forever, how it changes our way of feeling, the track engages the listener not only for its impeccable quality musically speaking, but for all this debated universal plot with clarity and delicacy by Maya Salafia."-Roadie Music

"The soft opening of ‘First Grade’ is gently washed with a delicate sense of nostalgia. Through the flow of the melody, you can feel the warm sun on your skin as you relax on the grass with friends or your first love. There is a youthful feeling to the music that wraps around a tender innocence and the idea that everything will be perfect in the future. The light rolling of the music puts a smile on your face as you relax back into the soaring guitar riffs. These riffs take hold of your spirit and have it floating into the air like an out of body experience."-Claudia Mendes, The Other Side Reviews

"The lyrics of “First Grade” create a visual of that precious, first love feeling, along with igniting memories that are pure, candid and heartfelt. The song beautifully straddles the line between the personal and the universal, with imagery and emotion relatable to all."-Performers on the Go, LLC

ALEXA CABRAL, Pop artist

At only 16-years-old, Alex Cabral is an impressive early talent. With a long history of live performances, she’s now playing the recorded music game, causing quite a stir on her social media. The recent release is a dancy, fizzy, hip-hop-infused banger."-We Are YMX

"Alexa Cabral is a talented Boston-based teen pop artist, who fuses her elegant vocals with trap-inspired drums, plucked synths and combined with lyrics that are wise beyond her years. She sings with the wind behind her back, as she tells the story of feeling so down and blaming herself for what has happened. Her picture perfect tone is such a pleasurable feeling on your curious ears, as you just know that she has a special career ahead of her.

The beat is marvelously catchy and has you tapping your toes, you get lost in her vocals that flourish into your mind. Her innocent lyrics has you gazing outside to wonder about the past relationships that have come and gone in your life, as the frustration that came with them is now but a distant memory, however it is still inside your soul forever."-A&R Factory

MAXIMILIAN WENTZ, Indie singer songwriter

While I could go on about how well-played this song is, or the excellent job Wentz has done in singing a song that would cause just about anyone to get choked up through the process…really, it’s so much more about what he’s communicating here than anything else. Not only does writing a song like this provide some relief & catharsis personally, but you also realize just how not alone you truly are…and how many other people out there in the world are feeling exactly like Maximilian is right at this very moment.

You gotta salute artists like this guy, who can push through the pain, and still find a way to say what they need to say, while healing as best they can with the music they make to guide them…and I think many listeners out there will relate to the gripping honesty you’ll find in the way Wentz has written his words and the range of complexity that’s revealed through the varying emotions that transition between the intensity of guilt & his loving devotion to a family member he’s devastated to be losing a piece at a time. Ultimately, it takes superhuman strength to write a track as personal as this is…and Wentz should be proud of the results.-Sleeping Bag Studios

“Sorry” is the latest song from Maximillian Wentz, released September 25, 2020. The solo acoustic track is structured as a touching and personal letter. The singer explains that the song is written for his grandmother who suffers from dementia. The emotion and regret in his voice is palpable as he apologizes in vain for something that he clearly did not cause, and cannot change. We hear the singer alone with his song and guitar. The unencumbered arrangement leaves no obstacles between the listener and the singer’s raw emotion. It is a great sound, delivered by a talented young artist with a deeply soulful voice and a keen ear for Modern Rock song composition.-The Static Dive

“Max's rich tone, poetic lyricism, clever story lines and eerie soulful presence, make Maximilian Wentz a distinctively unique performer.” – Performers on the Go


"A powerful new voice in the independent music scene, Zola, forges an ode to petty young girls who flaunt what they believe to be their superiority, while all the while being exactly the opposite in "Not Like Other Girls "(seen/heard here). While "Not Like Other Girls" is definitely of this era of music, it stands out as one of only a handful of radio-friendly tracks that eschews mimicry in favor of true individuality...Zola proves that she has pop chops, while staying true to her individuality in both sound and substance. At only 18, Zola has a chance to really make a name for herself in the music business. She has a beautiful, powerful voice that stands above the mix here... it has the fidelity punch required for today’s music."

THE LOOP, R& B/Pop Duo

"It’s the pinnacle of elegance as it confronts subconscious and conscious prejudice and invites the listener to look deeper when attempting to understand women of color. The single possesses plenty of sonic power, but the real weight in this single is how it allows you to find compassion for people who are in view but never truly seen."-Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory-Top 10 Music blog 2021

"Speaking truth to power about the personal experience of skin color and all that means in this world, the track is very engaging. Often in music there may be the impulse to dazzle, to blow the roof off the place, in order to be seen and be heard. The Loop takes the route of firm messaging and thoughtful prose, clever writing getting the message across well. I got a sense of the singer’s life, a taste of what goes through their mind, of how they have to consider the world as they are aware of how the world considers them."-Gas Mask Magazine

TRISHA & THARA, Pop artists

"When you listen to this song, you can't imagine it's their first. It feels like they already have tons of albums behind them, and an incredible experience and professionalism.

Trisha and Tara amaze us with their naturalness, their obvious complicity that shines through the song, and their freshness."-Indie Music Center

CHRIS D'AGOSTINO, Indie singer songwriter

"Grey Horizon" is a radio pop rock song with a contemporary backbone and it's absolutely filled with inspiration. D'Agostino belts out passionately throughout the songs course and the whole track grows into it's own atmosphere. Some excellent guitar work and songwriting shows strength in the artist's songwriting style and seasoned musicianship.

D'Agostino isn't afraid to let it all out and "Grey Horizon" is clear proof of this.

With this and some other great singles like "Social Tremors", there is a path this songwriter has been paving for himself and has been doing so by creating addicting melodies, passionate performances, and theatrical undertone.-Recording Artists Guild

CALEB CASCIO, Pop artist

"There’s a nice fusion of youthful freedom and poetic folk-pop on this single."-Stereo Stickman

"With powerful heart-warming vocals, big and steady drums and unique instrumental layering, the song’s powerful messages of hope deliver an emotional impact. Adding in the mandolin in strategic spots throughout the song, balanced off the dynamic arrangement. The flowing smooth melodies interspersed throughout the song, and ramping up of the vocals creates a sense of hope and survival. When the chorus hits, there is a slight swell of music which brings a dusting of strength to move forward and confront the challenges ahead. The song creates a glimmer of hope woven throughout that let you feel things will be okay. It captures the power of human emotions in a beautiful light."-Performers on the Go

NOAH HATTON, pop artist/singer songwriter

Derek Drowne welcomes the jazz/pop/rock music styling, of the very talented, Noah Hatton of Londonderry, NH, into the Rockin' The Burg Studios. His fresh, genre-defying style is all his own. "COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, and unlike any other artist I've ever heard. Remember the name, Noah Hatton! This kid is going places! If you get the chance to see him live, TAKE IT!-Derek Drowne, Rockin the Berg/WPKZ 105 FM-1280 AM

“With sophisticated poetic flare and symphonic musical delivery, Noah Tompkins enthralls his audience to think by serenading them with his old-world sound and raw modern edge.”- Performers on the Go, LLC

Artists are also their own PR advocates, and nobody can pitch their songs better than they can. Here is a new release pitch by Moni Grace on "Marilyn Monroe".

"I wrote Marilyn Monroe in an effort to not reach out to people who have left my life. Instead, I wrote this song. I think that analogy can be used for a lot of things in my life, such as writing / creation is the basis for creation. The urge to inflict pain onto myself, in attempt to punish my body for years of not talking about my abuse, much like the urge to draft a suicide note has turned, in recent years, into the urge to write a poem" - Moni Grace​

Proceeds from this song will be directly donated to Mikayla Miller’s family’s Go Fund Me page.

Performers on the Go is super proud of the PR the artists are receiving and sees the value it all provides to each artist's brand.

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