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Alexa Cabral’s single 'Need to know' is a self-reflection on the question “Am I good enough?"

Pop/indie-soul artist Alexa Cabral’s song, 'Need to know', was written during the pandemic on a day she questioned what the future would bring on a career in music. She confronted the emotions and thoughts of her future as she wrote down the lyrics that reflected the overwhelming feeling and desperation to "need to know" the answers at that moment.

Don’t know if I’m good enough

To be what they expect of me

All these expectations, I’m trying to exceed

Am I fit for this, or am I just a screwed up mess?

The song moves through her internal monologue covering the thoughts she had that day she felt so “broken-faded”, confused and "caught up in her headspace”. She asked herself if she was a disappointment to those around her, and if she was trying her best. During the pandemic the “sound of silence filled the air”, bringing a feeling of “emptiness in the atmosphere”. 'I need to Know' dominates each chorus with emotion and an urgency to have the answer. Alexa’s fluid sultry voice pulls you in a wraps itself around you wishing you could reach out and help provide the answers.

Be it her flawless vocal delivery or her truly relatable lyrical content, there is no denying that Alexa Cabral shines brilliantly in her first self-written song, 'Need to know'. The song wastes no time bringing the listener in with its extremely smooth piano work and soft, yet extremely emotive singing which is reminiscent of artists such as Alicia Keys and Adele. Rhythmic arrangements glide smoothly alongside lyrics that seem to unravel and reveal as they are sung, with stinging sincerity that cuts to the core.

I’m drowning in my own damn tears

Stuck inside these walls, filled with fear

The sound of silence fills the air

Feeling emptiness in the atmosphere

Cabral is able to prove that she is an artist who stands creatively on her own two feet with a beautiful chorus that showcases her incredible falsetto range and emotionally soulful vocals. Beyond this, listeners will find that 'Need to know' has an extremely relatable soul searching exploration of one's true potential. Alexa Cabral sings about the pressures of meeting the expectations of others, questioning yourself, and fighting the inadequate mindset these factors can inflict upon a person. There is no doubt that 'Need to know' could very easily be something you hear on mainstream pop radio stations alongside current pop icons. This is a song that deserves the listeners full attention and one that marks a very promising future for an artist with incredible potential in the musical realm.

The song had a great team including platinum level producer Brad Young of BKY Music in Needham, MA.

'Need to know' team:

Performers on the Go, LLC: Production Manager, song preparation, content, photography, PR and song promotion

BKY Music/Brad Young: Producer, engineering and mastering

Sharon Erman: Vocal coach

Alexa Cabral is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter and indie/soul-pop artist from Boston, MA. She thrives on live shows, and has been performing since she was a young teen, participating in the All You Got Tour and Performers on the Go events. She is also a lead singer in the Performers on the Go classic rock bands Synco and Catching Arrows. She's been in shows all over New England including Hampton Beach Seashell, Faneuil Hall, Loretta's Last Call, Hard Rock Cafe, Sonia, and many charity and community festivals.,a and has 20+ shows planned for 2022. She is currently in the Cape Cod Music Room's Unsung Heroes Vocal Competition, the New England Music Awards Last Band Standing Competition and the Hard Rock Cafe 17 & Under Performers on the Go competition. With five new original songs written, she will be actively releasing new music throughout 2022 and beyond.

Cabral’s prior two releases “Sleep all day” and “10 reasons why” are impactful songs about relationship turmoil.

Her single, "Sleep all day", delves into the frustrations and emotions culminating from a relationship split, and how it floods you with memories you can't shake. You feel the tossing and turning through the relationship phases, and the need to escape the psychological hoops, and face a future absent of crushing turmoil. The power pop singer's hook loaded chorus, "I been sleeping all day, and I'm crying all night cause I can't do anything right." provides the visual and emotions of the anguish striking.

Her 2021 single “10 Reasons Why” is a sumptuously accomplished and mature track which slots seamlessly into Alexa Cabral’s flawless flow of pop releases since 2018’s “Summertime” single. Beyond her ability to faithfully translate the permeating zeitgeist of her narrative, what is most striking about the new single, is the internal logic, consistency and density of the songwriting. This track is not a fragmentary timeline of ideas and thoughts, but an uncompromising and obsessively fine-tuned project that is so relatable.

The songs "Sleep all day" and "10 Reasons Why" were written and produced by Soulshock Productions, a Grammy nominated production company from Demark and LA.

The latest songs released have over 30,000 streams and the "Sleep all day" music video has surpassed 10,000 views.

Alexa Cabral has an ability to gracefully move about on stage while showcasing her powerful gritty and deep rich tone. She grows with each performance, and eloquently shows her passion for performing with a fun-loving attitude, making her fans eager to flock to the stage after each performance. 'I need to know' follows a relatable subject of the troubling mindset you're not good enough . You know after one listen it is destined for strong radio play and high streaming activity.-Performers on the Go, LLC

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