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Alternative Pop Artist Moni Grace's creative expressionism spills through debut EP

Moni Grace is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter and alternative pop artist from Boston, MA. Also, heavily influenced by pop punk, she has established her own unique style and positioning as an artist who has found her own spot for creative expression with down-to-earth honesty. She always felt inclined to express herself as a form of creative release, and has been writing music since she learned to write. She started writing musicals at that very young age, and continued to write when she learned guitar at age 12. Her music was a method of therapy for that creative release or expressionism, until she reached age 18, when she realized she could reach people with her sound. In November 2019, she started performing, recording and releasing music professionally, and is currently performing her recent original songs, "Five, since", "All mine" and "Jack and Rose", throughout the Boston region.

Moni Grace has a plan and strategy to build her brand and presence in the Boston music scene and beyond, and has written committed marketing plan which exemplifies her seriousness to get her music out to large audiences. You recognize her warmth and passion when she steps up to perform, and you feel her resolution of life’s situations managed with ease and genuine emotion. She takes you on a journey in her songs with lyrics that grasp your attention and tug at you to wait for the final outcome. Audiences engage in quiet wonder at how the stories will unfold.

On the EP’s “Jack and Rose”, you immediately feel love’s struggle with the Titanic visual. “You were my jack, I played rose. This time you got drunk and I froze up in the middle of trying to catch you. Cause I never wanted to be rescued my friend. I could feel the tears of salt water drifting down my skin. This is the ending my friend. I feel the waves of the Atlantic drifting us away." The simplicity of one the lyric, “Packed my bags and made space in my twin bed for you. Will give you the world if you let me in.” is a visual that captures the extreme love that exists.

Her voice is a powerful instrument with highs, lows, dynamic spikes and sweet melodic moments all combined in a cavalcade of energy. She performs each song as though it was her one and only performance so you feel her passion for her music, and see its potential impact on all who listen. In a recent show, a young group of girls all sat in front of her and listened to her whole set. Every syllable and bead of sweat shows she is giving her all in her resulting music.

Moni's artists of inspiration are Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne, Modern Baseball, Front Bottoms and Hobo Johnson.

In a summer interview when asked if she had anything else to add, she responded with the following:

“I am a huge activist in the feminist community, and want to use my music as a tool to carve my way into the industry to help others. I’m also half black and am an activist for Black Lives Matter and ending racism. I’ve been impacted heavily by both rape culture and racism my entire life and want to use my music as a way to inspire others to speak out and use their voice until they are heard.”

The three adjectives she used to describe herself best in the interview were

"vivacious, bold, blonder".

Her long-term music goal is to reach people with her music. Music has always been medicine to her, so she wants to bring that healing to other people, in hopes they too will benefit from her songs. Her next single release, "Hudson Road" is schedule for release in early December, 2020. You may follow Moni at the following:

Written by Patty Duffey

Photography: Patty Duffey Photography

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