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Every stroke and every note matters

One of the Performers on the Go artists took on a big challenge this week. Caleb Cascio

finished his first week of school as a freshman at Central Catholic, and he was all about getting connected into the school activities. First up was making the Central Catholic Golf Team. Caleb has been in the Junior Golf Program at the Black Swan Golf Course for two years, and has been committed to focusing on his technique across all parts of the game. While in this program they practice on the driving range, and then play up to 9 holes on a best ball format. He's learned to love the game, and has been super focused on improving his playing skills.

A plan was put into place the week leading up to the tryouts, and it included getting a baseline on his score, and practicing at the golf course where the tryouts were taking place. Caleb played back-to-back days of 18 hole rounds on the par three course, practiced five straight days, and added in hours on the putting green and driving range. He had a score in his mind which he felt was needed to make the team which was in the mid 30s for 9 holes on the par three course, and 70s for 18 holes. Starting out in the upper 40s in his first practice rounds, Caleb succeeded to advance through the audition cuts making it to the final 18 hole round, and was the youngest asked to advance to the final day of tryouts. Just 20 golfers were selected to play the final audition round. Caleb walked past his family who was waiting for him to finish his final put, and had his thumbs up. At that point, the wait began as coaches loaded scores into a computer and made their final team selections.

Caleb shot his lowest score of a 36 on his last 9 holes and was in the 70s for the full round. After 27 holes of competitive golf, his score landed him a spot on the golf team for the 2020 season. His focus and hard work made this possible. One bit of advice, Performers on the Go provided him, was to only zero in on his game, and not to pay attention to what the other golfers were shooting, as this can be a distraction and take you off focus. What one applies to these types of challenges can also be applied to artist's music goals.

"Every note matters in a four minute song, as it is the off pitch notes that are remembered and can change the audience's opinion on your overall performance."-Artists on the Move

Caleb's plan:

  • He had a well-defined practice plan every day leading up to the tryouts

  • He practiced on his home course, and the course where tryouts were taking place

  • He had daily goals and determined how he could improve his score each day he practiced

  • He arrived an hour earlier than the start of the tryouts each day to get more time in on the range and the putting green

  • He reviewed all types of shots

  • Had a strong focus on making the team, and didn't let one shot that didn't go where planned, interfere with his focus

  • He did his research to learn what it would take to make the team, and never questioned his ability to get the score needed

Preparing for music shows is entirely similar:

  • Practice your set list every day the week leading up to the show

  • Set show goals and outline what you need to do to meet them

  • Arrive earlier than requested so you don't feel rushed and have time to warm up

  • Review your song selections and see if they fit the show well

  • Have others provide feedback to make sure your songs are ready, and clear of any pitch issues

  • Focus on making your performance the best it can be, by working on technique, making sure you are consistent and have a plan in place for audience engagement

  • Review all sides of your performance when preparing for the show

  • Research the venue and performance environment to help you prepare your performance plans

  • Make sure you practice so that every note matters!

This is a story of success, and the drive it took to get there. Caleb never took his eye off the ball, and knew every stroke mattered in making it on the team. Monday he starts practicing with the team to get ready for the first matches. We wish him success at this new school and hope he has a great experience with the golf team.

Written by Patty Duffey, CEO and owner, Performers on the Go

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