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Boston alternative beach-rock band, Dune Dogs, tenth song, “Under my spell”, cues up the excitement for the full-length album, After a while, coming February 3rd, and follows the reggae infused single ,“Citrus”, which quickly registered 12,000 streams. The new single digs into the all-too-common entrapment of obsessive love, its intentions, and the battle to be freed of its suffocation. The accuracy of the bursting emotions should be on every coupled-up person’s playlists. Lyrics, “Runaway, runaway, I’ll be leaving”, and “you’ve got me running on empty, running out of this house”, describes the gravitas desperation and exhaustion from the emotions on both sides, and how it can zap you, drive you crazy and make you at a loss for how to end it. Just the fact that her smile was noted, confirms she doesn’t have a clue she is destroying the relationship and prompting her mate to run out. The urgency to flee the scene can be applied to other life experiences. As the band summed it up, “Figuring out relationships is a journey, and 'Under my spell' expresses perseverance towards finding solutions to many relationships."

The songs arrangement strategically rides along with the song’s emotional cycles. The twenty seconds of arpeggiated guitar riffs move to new highs towards the song's end, and ring out the desperation and showcases the band’s musicianship and well-balanced diverse arrangement. ”I need something better for you, something better for me”, signals hope both will survive and move on. Double vocals on the chorus reinforce the mission to escape. and are anchored by buoyant drums and groovy reggae rhythms, accurately singing a story of obsessive intensions.

The band describes themselves as an alternative beach-rock band with a distinct hybrid sound that blends influences of pop, reggae and funk. They were formed in October 2019 by school friends/surfer enthusiasts Nick Bernarducci (lead vocals), Nick Brescio (lead guitar), Beau Colvin (bass, keyboard), and Ben Buckley (drums). In a short amount of time, they have released a seven-song album and three singles which will be included in the upcoming album scheduled for release on February 3, 2022.

You may follow their journey on instagram and Facebook, and stream their music on Spotify. Their collective commitment to keep on growing their song catalogue which will soon have 17 songs once their second full-length album, After a while, is released, will move them in exciting new directions in their young music careers. The pandemic time, creating new music in barns and garages, was focused on the album and their vision to make something impactful, relatable and unique.

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