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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

How often have you listened to your intuition, confidently affirmed, "I trusted my gut, and thankfully, I made the right call?" That internal voice is a beacon, guiding you through the labyrinth of decision-making and giving you the conviction that you're journeying down the right path. It's essential to create space for these moments, as the world's incessant chatter can easily muddle your thought process and steer you away from your genuine intentions and original ideas. Remember, no one desires your success more passionately than you do, so make your voice paramount in all your decision-making endeavors.

The world of music is a thrilling sphere, but its fast-paced nature can often tempt artists to leap hastily onto new projects without thorough analysis, having a well-defined plan, or consideration of the consequences.

Artists might rapidly gravitate towards opportunities such as:

  • Collaborating with other musicians for performances or music creation

  • Forming a band, duo or trio

  • Networking with a producer discovered through the internet or social media

  • Contacting producers others you know have worked with

  • Offering talents voluntarily for special projects

  • Selling songs from music catalogues

  • Engaging in co-writing opportunities

  • Signing up for 'quick-win' music promotions

  • Releasing new music without preplanned promotions

  • Following the crowd to thriving music cities

With social media's pervasive presence, you're always a click away from peering into the professional lives of others, which might kindle a sense of urgency to kickstart your own music projects. However, such a frenetic mindset can lead to premature failures if you don't invest time in due diligence to ensure your plans are pragmatic and manageable. Listen to your intuition and pursue what resonates with you! Dial down the world's noise and allot time to concentrate and critically assess your music career with a dedicated mindset.

We often caution artists against forming bands without conducting sufficient due diligence, creating band agreements/contracts, and outlining and sharing the bandmates goals. Cohesion and shared understanding are crucial for any group endeavor, and all members should be synchronized regarding key decisions. Always review the band's overall objectives and strategies, and assess every member of the band. It is common for band's to split up after only a matter of months, and it is usually due to a lack of balance on commitment levels and hard work.

Entering any professional relationship without proper documentation is a pitfall to avoid! Clear agreements act as vessels of commitment for all involved parties.

In our experience, entrusting document creation to a professional or a reputable service like Legal Zoom can lay a solid foundation for cooperation.

Ensure that you have a clear understanding of everyone's operating style:

  • Are you a leader or a follower?

  • Are you a proactive participant or a passive observer?

  • Are you an optimist/believer or a pessimist?

  • Do you prefer to simply follow the journey as it unfolds, or do you seek to have a decisive role at every twist and turn?

Keep a keen eye out for the following red flags:

  • Those who crave constant validation and praise, signaling a lack of self-esteem

  • Those who dismiss others' ideas and insist on dominating discussions

  • Those who prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than actively contribute

  • Those who constantly make excuses for not contributing to the project

  • Those who frequently request "time out" or take a pause to contemplate things

  • Those who struggle to match your work pace, always with an excuse at hand

  • Those that try to halt your work pace and express concern with your work style

  • Those who yearn for the rewards but shy away from putting in the work

  • Those who recycle the same ideas, showing a lack of originality

  • Those who don't demonstrate respect in an effortless and natural way

  • Those who are heavy-maintenance and overthink everything

  • Those that constantly change things and can't make decisions

  • Those who carry extra baggage and remind you of it all the time

  • Those who don't know what alignment of ideas means

  • Those who are perpetually too busy to contribute meaningfully to the project

  • Those that will drop out and run if things don't go 100% their way

  • Those who feel they are always right and leave no room for discussion

While this list could go on, it's essential to be aware of these red flags before committing time and energy to any project, career enhancing opportunity or new venture. You just need to get to know all sides of everyone you are working with so you have no surprises later.

Identifying individuals who flourish in positive atmospheres, actively contribute to problem-solving, encourage learning and creativity, and offer insightful information and suggestions could become pivotal players in your musical journey and career goals.

Every challenge, be it positive or negative, offers you a learning opportunity, enriching your wisdom that you'll carry with you for a lifetime. Best of luck and make your voice and actions matter, and most importantly trust your gut." ~Performers on the Go, LLC

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