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Boston sister duo Trisha & Thara's new pop single is an emotional focus on the weight of regret

Pop sister duo Trisha & Thara released their second pop single, “Regret” (click to listen), on August 6, 2021, and the song quickly attracted 12,000+ Spotify streams. The new release makes you want to turn back time, have another chance at love, and erase your past mistakes. The chorus lyrics take you through the emotional cycles when one realizes they have made mistakes, and regret their actions and behavior. It describes a relationship where the partners are not engaged at the same level.

You wish you could undo your mistakes

You know you’re the one to blame (one to blame)

Want another chance to fix this mess

Cause it’s only filling you with


The bridge swells with a surge of emotions, and the vocals soar through the sweeping melodies which echo the pain of heartbreak.

And I was alone

with no one to hold (It hurt oh so bad)

I thought you would come back for me (It’s just never gonna be the same)

I thought you were the one

But you walked away from the situation

Broke my heart into little pieces

And now you're face to face

in front of me saying (do you really regret it?)

The song was produced and engineered by platinum/gold certified producer Brad Young, at BKY Studio in Needham, MA. The style of production is dialed into a unique blend of modern and indie pop. Trisha and Thara’s voices open the song with a beautiful contrast, and then as the music opens up in the chorus, they join into a perfect blend. The bridge elevates the energy even more, as they bring new emotion into the lyrics. The contrasting sections in the production, building up in the chorus and again in the bridge, bring out a feeling of cathartic relief also found in the lyrics. Their vocal performances are impeccably polished throughout.

Just two years apart at 13 and 15 years old, the teens have an open and respectful relationship on their music creation. The voices which align perfectly with contemporary pop, grasp you with their unique vocal textures and cohesive rich harmonies. When describing the vibe they were after to the producer, they selected pop artist Tate McRae as an artist they both felt a strong connection with.

“Regret” was written as a follow up song to their debut release, “You used to be”, which is approaching 40,000 Spotify streams and has been placed on 30+ playlists. The song was about relationships others can relate to; friendship, love/break-up, separation and hope. “We thought that the idea of a special someone who you loved the most, is not around anymore, would relate to many people going through a hard time.”-Trisha and Thara

Music is a daily commitment and favorite engagement for the teen pop sister duo Trisha & Thara. The duo has been creating music together since they were in grade school, performing in many different cities across the country, opening at festivals and popular city shows. They work each day in perfecting their harmonious blend and are always writing and expanding their set list. It is clear to new audiences they know how to achieve masterful harmonies, and have a powerful sisterly bond.

Starting with piano lessons at 4 years old, they have accomplished a lot in their young music careers, and have trained at many different music schools, including the Chicago School of Rock and the Lacefield Music School in Missouri. They performed in many musicals like Lion King Jr. and Annie Jr. produced by BigDeal Productions in Chicago.

The summer of 2021, the duo were lead singers in the Performers on the Go headliner band, Synco, performing at top venues throughout New England.

"This sister duo generates "wows" from audiences as they listen to their precise and perfectly aligned harmonies, and their arrangements enable them to deliver a diverse show of covers and originals which make it exciting to stick around and keep listening. Their sisterhood bond shines, and the way their harmonies soar, warms the heart."-Performers on the Go

The duo is releasing their first lyric video in September. If you enjoyed their music, be sure to check out their official website. For social media you can follow them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and can visit their Spotify channel.

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