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Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends new single "Sleeve" inspires you to believe in your dreams

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

New England-based Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends released their first folk-rock single, “Sleeve”, on February 10, 2023.

"Sleeve” is a song you will want to add to your playlists and click on it for a daily listen. It is a reminder that it is OK to dream big, but also important to be aware of all possibilities out there waiting for you. The folk-rock song has a calm and relaxed dreamy feel, that aims to be a wakeup call that it is OK to believe in and explore your dreams, and hope for them come to life, all while exploring all other possibilities in front of you. The song shows a different side of the band, a more collected version of themselves, and all hopeful of positive outcomes.

Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends, decided to not circumvent their dreams and open their minds to all the possibilities… "Our single Sleeve is about manifesting your dreams and willing them into existence. If you put out positive energy into the universe, it has a way of coming back around. It’s about time we all start believing in ourselves." With that positive energy all around, dreams can certainly come true. “Sleeve” is a song of hope, acceptance of good energy, and focus on all the possibilities that await. This song shows a different side of the band, a calmer and more collected version of themselves.

Alas, we have found

The very thing that put us down

And oh how we wait

For something like our biggest break

And oh how it shines

The very fruit of our minds

And why do we wait

Like givin' into ole mistakes

It is easy to get stuck and be hopeful that all will work out as you envisioned, but it can also trap you into believing that all your dreams will come true. Feel the tugging at your sleeve and see all that you can do, and believe in the force of positivity are the central thoughts the song conveys.

Why is it so hard to believe

All these possibilities

Tugging at your sleeve

Tugging at your sleeve

The song’s production quality is well-recognized given the live instrumentation, rhythmic flow, melodic choruses, and motivational and welcoming lyrics. There are many welcome surprises including the refreshing energy in the full band instrumental section from 2.28-3.43 with standout guitar licks, which really anchor the song’s melody and drives the momentum forward. Other highlights include the tremolo guitar at the start, well positioned flute and organ instrumental additions. All musical elements combine professionally to create a throwback 60s/70s inspired feel influenced by the spacing of the production, making it more relaxed and a bit akin to jam bands. The song’s organic down home feel eases you in and holds your attention until the end.

“Sleeve” follows their 4-track EP Barn, and the band’s 2022 1st place award in the New England Music Awards Last Band Standing competition. released “Barn”, a four-track EP of original folk rock n’ roll music, recorded entirely in the barn of vocalist and guitarist Brad Swenson’s family farm in ME. These original songs showcase the band’s connection to country-folk and bluegrass, but the songs also display their rock and soul music interests.

Inspired by musical legends ranging from Neil Young to The Band and everything in between, The band has brought their unique folk-rock sound to audiences of Greater Boston since 2014. You can hear this group of long-time friends covering classic hits like Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle”, The Band’s “The Weight”, and Sublime’s “Badfish”, just to name a few. In that time, they have seen stages both large and small, “always bringing “down home” energy that makes the audience feel like they’re a part of the show.” Vocal harmonies, impactful solo sections, and a fluid traversal of genres all contribute to their originality and focus to be authentic and fun to all those that see them live.

Band members include:

Brad Swenson (vocals, guitar, musical saw)

Corey Zwart (vocals, guitar, flute)

Justin Harradon (vocals, drums)

Andrew Desharnais (vocals, bass guitar)

Leeroy Brown (vocals, keyboard)

Bradley Copper Kettle and Friends music hits the sweet spot. Their sets feature well-crafted originals, along with selections from the hymn book of rock… done with a funky bottom that sounds like a good ragout taste. – The Hippo Press

The band has instant fans, a cocktail of sounds that enable them to creatively transcend genres and creates authentic music that puts listeners in a comfort space they want to settle into. The band’s instrumental and vocal execution is stuffed to the brim with musical sustenance, is perfectly balanced and fills the corners of every room. Their collection of songs are upbeat tunes with a delightful old-world charm. This band is special, is ever-evolving, and one you will want to rush to see live-.Performers on the Go, LLC

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