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Just in time for summer amusements, teen singer-songwriter/pop artist Caleb Cascio's contemporary new pop single, "Roller Coaster", will have you ready to spin your way through the carnival of love. The love is one worshiped and genuine with compatible obsessions, smiles and laughter all around. It is an uplifting summer anthem you will love having on your playlists and the instantly identifiable hooks are perfect for sharing on TikTok and social media for some fun creative videos. On the song’s release weekend, Caleb performed the song at the school coffee house in front of 250 classmates, and had them fully engaged in the song’s sprightly pulsating groove.

If there is one word that could summarize Caleb Cascio’s new track, “Roller coaster”, that word would be uplifting. Through the bright melodic tone of his voice, the energetic rhythm section that locks the listener in, alongside the layering of beautiful guitars and grooving bass, Caleb has crafted a song based on the ups and downs of young love. What is refreshing about this is that, while many songs revolving around the topic of love, and all that comes with it, often descend into darker territories, Caleb has created an uplifting sonic experience that leans toward the positive aspects of unpredictability in relationships. Instead of the over hashed darker sentiment often associated with pop in love songs, “Rollercoaster, is about accepting that there are ups and downs in love, but never letting the downs prevent you from expressing that love.

The performance itself is also quite an immersive one, in the best way possible, with Caleb’s layered sunshine pop vocals and the dynamically charged instrumentation behind them coming together to take the listener on what could be seen as a musical rollercoaster ride. The final chorus also adds synthesizers and additional harmonies for the song's explosive conclusion, cementing this track as a truly heartfelt, relatable, and incredibly fun listen. Hearing the roller coaster track sound effects makes one feel the excitement. With that said “Roller coaster” has the potential to win over many listeners and even make its mark on pop radio due to its pristine production and songwriting strength. The sing-along lyrics, make it a fun song beginning to end, and you feel the rush of love through the thrill of the roller coaster ride. The song leaves you with an overwhelming after glow-ready paean for romance, and you feel its authenticity like the songwriter has lived every line of the song.

Life is like a rollercoaster

You’re all I need

Your laughs, obsessions, your smiles at me

Life is like a rollercoaster

Takes me up and down

Spins me all around

You spin me, hey you spin me

You spin me, hey you spin me

The song was produced/arranged by Owen Korzec of Owen K. Productions, performed by Caleb Cascio on vocals and acoustic guitar and performed instrumentally by Owen Korzec on electric guitar, drums, bass, keys/piano, and percussion. Owen was also the assistant producer and created the song’s arrangement. Vocals were recorded at BKY Studio by Brad Young, and the song was mixed and mastered by BKY Studio. Performers on the Go managed the production process, songwriting reviews, and studio preparation.

Caleb’s other singles, “On Mars” and “You’re not alone”, just surpassed 53,000 Spotify streams, and have been placed on over 150 Spotify playlists. Caleb enjoys writing about friendship, young love and social recreation. His sophomore single, "You're not alone", was written during quarantine to let his friends know they were not alone and had a support network a click or a call away. The virtual world kicked in and Caleb found ways to keep everyone calm and hopeful. The song’s lyrics provided comfort and reassurance at a time people’s lives were in an unknown place. The song’s poignant message was universal to all the world…” It’s gonna be OK. Always remember, you’re not alone, your friends are here, you must be strong, you’re not alone.” “On Mars” followed a similar theme on the essence of friendship. The song is about about chilling out on Mars with his guitar, and wishing how he’d like his best friend to be there with him to share in the wonder of space.

Boston based singer-songwriter Caleb Cascio is always ready to perform. His baritone vocals, with surprise falsetto flair, compliments his passionate ballads and pop-infested sets. He performs all over New England at top stages, festivals and sporting events, including several National Anthem performances for the Red Sox, and many Boston colleges and universities. In 2019/2020, he toured with the All You Got Tour Band as a lead singer and guitarist, headlining large venue events. He is heavily influenced by Lewis Capaldi, Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Zara Larsson, Bruno Mars, and Dean Lewis.

Caleb is an active member in the Autism Speaks community, performing at Xfinity Center and Fenway Park for autism events, and hosting his own fundraisers through his music performances, raising in excess of $100,000 for Autism Speaks. He was recently inducted into the National Honor Society at Central Catholic High School, and is an avid bowler and golfer. In a Hard Rock Cafe showcase competition on May 15, 2022, he was awarded the "Top Pop Artist" award.

Find out more about Caleb on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube and at his website

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