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Caught in the Current: Maya Salafia's new single 'Swim' Explores the Tides of Love


Plunging into the emotional depths of Maya Salafia's new indie/pop single 'Swim', released on April 12, 2024, we discover a poignant exploration of the heart's paradoxical dance between the allure of love and the assertion of autonomy. The emotional lyrics and imagery whisk us away to those unforgettable moments when love brings our world to a standstill—"Who knew resisting could be so much work," "I can't breathe without you taking it away," "I hate you because you like me." This upbeat track captivates with its catchy rhythm that crescendos to the final chorus, leaving listeners in suspense as to whether the protagonist will surrender to the depths of love's power.


The song "Swim" seems to articulate the complexity of emotions in a tug of war romantic relationship. The speaker feels ensnared, like being caught in a fishing net, and is overwhelmed by the presence of the other person, suggesting an intense attraction they consider almost sinful. The lyrics describe a push-pull dynamic of attraction and resistance, equating the love interest's appeal to a Cupid's bow and contrasting feelings of love and hatred. The chorus underscores this contradiction with the claim of hating the person because they are liked and feeling suffocated by their attention. Running from what is described as a 'nemesis' and conversing with fate suggest a struggle against inevitable feelings.


The bridge reveals a fear of commitment and vulnerability, showing that the speaker is torn between giving in to their feelings and maintaining their autonomy. Overall, the song conveys a tumultuous inner battle with love, attraction, and the fear of losing oneself in another person.

Maya Salafia is a promising young talent in the Boston music scene, who has been actively composing pop music since the age of nine, and by 13 she had released her debut EP of five original songs. Following this, her single "First Grade" achieved significant success, featuring on over 90 playlists and accumulating over 30,000 Spotify streams. This track also earned her a place as a semi-finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition in the teen category.

Her more recent work includes the single "Everlasting," which garnered excellent reviews and was featured by over three dozen PR blogs. This song also made it as a semi-finalist in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition in the teen category.


In the prestigious 2023 New England Music Festival-in its 62nd year, Maya placed first in the Vocal Performance with Instrument event and was the recipient of the scholarship award. The fall of 2024 Maya will be attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where she will be focusing on songwriting.


With an ear for melody and a heart for storytelling, Maya's music embodies themes of love, with her lyrics painting vivid imagery that connects listeners to the emotions within her songs. Her talent for songwriting has been recognized in the Performers on the Go Lyric Contest, where she took the first place for her song "Drive until the gas runs out" and tied for second place with "Translucent Skin".


Apart from her solo work, Maya was the lead singer of the session musician band Synco for several years, showcasing her talents in various shows, festivals, and events throughout the New England area. Her efforts have led her to be a finalist in Performers on the Go Grand Finale Series which took place at Loretta’s Last Call in Boston in March 2024.


Maya's contributions to her school's music program as a composer, pianist, vocalist, and soloist in the Lexington High School Jazz Big Band demonstrate her deep engagement with music. With aspirations to be taken seriously as a prolific songwriter and performer, she continues to work on her craft, aiming to share pieces of her heart and mind with her audience through her music.


The new single was produced by Brad Young of BKY Studio and Owen Korzec. Owen also played all instruments on the track. Influencer artists included Chloe Moriondo, Quinnie, and Kevin Atwater.


Most people don’t plan to start having a crush, it just kind of happens. That’s what “Swim” is about, the kind of feelings that catch you off guard: the kind that make you feel a bit silly, the kind which you have no choice but to give into. ~Maya Salafia

In the waves of Maya Salafia's latest track 'Swim', we're immersed in the ebb and flow of young love—its rapturous highs and the trepidation of the plunge. Maya masterfully captures the essence of that first leap of faith into love's unpredictable waters. It’s the sound of a heart beating wildly as it teeters on the edge of surrender. This song is a testament to her evolving artistry and an exciting preview of her journey at Berklee, promising even richer tales spun from her soulful tunes and insightful lyrics. Maya’s music is alive with joy and hope. It’s full of melodic hooks, simple eloquence, and poetic beauty that stays with you. ~Performers on the Go


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