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Kingdom All Stars Band’s New Single Embraces the Bittersweet Symphony of Leaving Home

Welcome to the harmonic convergence of youth and melody – where the pulse of the Northeast Kingdom/VT reverberates with every strum and every note! Enter the world of the Kingdom All Stars, a band that doesn't just play music; they awaken souls and their lyrics echo the tales in the Vermont valleys. Their latest release, “Home,” is a song that doesn't just reach your ears but takes residence in your spirit. Join us on this melodic odyssey where every chord is a story, and every rhythm is a step closer to the essence of what it means to feel like you're truly home.

The teen Vermont Folk/pop band, Kingdom All Stars, released a new indie/folk single “Home” (song link), on March 20, 2024. This was their fifteenth single release which follows many awards and industry recognition for previous releases, including winning the 2022 “People’s Voice” award in the acclaimed International Songwriting Competition for their song “Willoughby Nights”. The new song was written by band member Jazmine Bogie as an ode to Lake Willoughby and the beauty and tranquility of Vermont's natural surroundings, and the band's passion for their home state. Legendary “8084” guitarist Andre Maquera and UVM drum professor and worldwide touring artist Caleb Bronz play as guest artists on the song. The song was produced by Andre Maquera of West Street Digital in St. Albans, Vermont.

The Kingdom All Stars, a group of talented teenage musicians from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont—the smallest corner of the smallest state in the US—have made an impressive mark on the music scene and receive high visibility for their music. They recently won the “Top Musicality” and the “Spirit” awards in the 2024 Grand Finale Talent Series which took place at Loretta’s Last Call in Boston on March 2, 2024. They earned their spot as a Grand Finale Finalist from advancing in the qualify event which they placed 2nd in for the band category.

In 2022 they clinched the top spot in the "Beats For Good" band contest, and performed at the Vermont Do Good Fest in Montpelier, VT the same year. They've also shared stages with renowned rock bands such as American Authors and X Ambassadors. and one of the band members had the honor of performing as a guest artist with the internationally acclaimed band, Pink Martini. Their songwriting prowess has received accolades, and their original music has found its way into TV and radio ads and caught Wells River Chevrolet’s attention who partnered with the band to provide original music for the dealership's radio and television commercials.

Behind the scenes, The Kingdom All Stars is supported by a dedicated all-volunteer non-profit 501C3 organization in Vermont, committed to fostering live music, artist growth and development, and collaborative creativity under the directorship of Todd Wellington, who was also the founder of the program.

 “Home”, captures the complex emotions associated with leaving behind the familiar comforts of home and the loved ones who make it special, as one steps into the unknown future. It is a highly relatable song for all listeners who embark on a new journey in life, as it is the unknowns that raise the anxieties and uneasiness one faces when leaving the security and warmth of home. It opens with an encouragement to embrace the journey ahead, indicating a transition or a significant change in life ("Take a step, Take a deep, deep breath, This is forever and it starts now"). The lyrics acknowledge the vast potential and opportunities that the future holds ("The future is mine and its all mine"), yet admits to struggling with the nostalgia and the emotional weight of what is left behind.


Central to the song is the portrayal of home as a place filled with cherished memories, depicted through vivid, heartwarming imagery ("Christmas and little trees and horses in the yard, Everyone dance by the kitchen fire"). These memories are a source of comfort and belonging, symbolizing the unconditional love and the simple joys shared with family ("Mom blaring music in the dark light of dawn, Dad changing the words to his favorite songs and me and my brother taking a hike that goes on and on"). It is these memories that provide the needed strength to take that first step out the door to face the unknowns of life.


The song also touches on the solitude and uncertainty that accompany leaving home ("But when I leave, I'm all alone, And I just don't know, That it will be quite like this home"). This sense of leaving behind not just a physical place but a part of oneself and the connections that define one's identity is a poignant theme.


The repeated references to family traditions, the natural setting of home, and the recurring activities that bond the family members underscore the deep-seated attachment to one's roots. Yet, there's an acknowledgment of growth and change as an inevitable part of life ("And I don't know if I come back like a boomerang, To this love I'm leaving behind"). The song's newly released music video beautifully captures the lyrics and imagery.


Ultimately, the song's central message revolves around the bittersweet experience of moving forward in life, and is the case of the songwriter who is looking ahead to college, while holding onto the love and memories that shape us. It highlights the pain of goodbye but also the beauty and significance of having something that makes saying goodbye so hard. The lyrics suggest a universal journey of departure, reflection, and the eternal hope that the bonds of love and memory are never truly "gone." It's a tender ode to the ties that bind us to our origins and to the people who make us who we are, even as we venture into the new and unknown.


The track wraps you in its cozy warmth, a blend of acoustic richness and electronic subtleties — drums, bass, guitar, organ, and piano — all set to the laid-back cadence of unhurried drums, inviting a deep sense of ease. With an acoustic opening and the rattle of percussion shakers, the music builds layers gently, grounding itself firmly in the heart of folk/indie expression. It's a tapestry woven with rich textures and emotional depth. Jazmine Bogie, the lead vocalist, carries the melody with a voice as soothing as it is sincere, perfectly in tune with the track's serene ambiance. These adolescents have crafted a sound that belies their years, marked by a polished maturity in both sound and structure. Connect on the band's journey on their website and follow them on their social platforms for more.

"The Kingdom All Stars weave a tapestry of warm, acoustic melodies in their new release, “Home,” inviting listeners into a soundscape as welcoming as a beloved old house. Each note of “Home” resonates with the comfort of familiar, gentle rhythms, punctuated by the intimate storytelling that has become the band's signature. With “Home”, the band once again proves that music can be both a sanctuary and a journey, echoing the heartbeat of the Northeast Kingdom. The band distinguishes itself from its contemporaries through a blend of mature artistry and vivacious energy, cemented by the bonds of friendship, respect for each other, and an authentic spirit that is palpable the moment they walk into a venue or take to the stage to perform their original compositions.” -Performers on the Go, LLC






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