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Chris D’Agostino jazzes up 1924 vintage song 'Don’t mind the rain'

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Boston singer-songwriter and indie-pop artist Chris D’Agostino has released a new lo-fi indie single 'Don’t mind the rain'. The song is a vintage song composed in 1924 by Chester Conn and Ned Miller, and Chris has spun it in his own direction using all unique parts to his voice and creating an arrangement with beautiful instrumentals that support the soothing melody. Additionally, Chris transitioned the lyrics to give the song a feel-good vibe. Chris has added a jazz beat to the original version, and plans to bring out the stunning melody through vocal layering and added riffs, embellishments and vocal mastery which showcases his expansive range and falsetto runs. He started with the choruses and moved to the verses where he added some rhythm changes and unique transitions.

My previous three singles were introspective and slightly subdued in singer-songwriter fashion; I wanted 'Don’t Mind the Rain' to be a departure from all that. It was certainly an interesting challenge making an unabashedly positive song with no hint of irony. While there are glimpses of more contemplative singer-songwriter elements scattered throughout the song to give it depth, that wasn’t the focus. The focus was making a feel-good tune.-Chris D’Agostino

The song’s title and theme makes you want see rainy days in a different mindset. The lyrics make you see the day in a different way willing to overlook “unforgiving sorrows”, and have a positive outlook on the day ahead realizing the rain will clear, and “the sun will borrow all your sorrows”. The imagery shows the skies are always changing and tomorrow is another day when “a new hope is realized”. The song’s intention is to put a whole new perspective on a dark cloudy and rainy day, invite you to not complain and “always smile when it’s raining”.

Sorrows, those unforgiving sorrows

Maybe they were meant to be

Or maybe like the skies of grey

They’ll give up and turn away, so I

Won’t mind the rain

It's bound to clear up again

After the clouds roll by

A hope is realized

The sun will borrow all your sorrows

The most impactful lyric in the song, “sun will borrow all your sorrows”, provides the message that life is short, so we need to embrace our steady heartbeats, take a break from the whirlwind of activity, and welcome the constant patter of rainy days. Using the rainy days as a welcome sign for all that’s good in your life and to be grateful for all that you.

Make sure your heart’s still beating

In a world that’s fleeting

Don't, don’t mind the rain

Chris is a 26-year-old indie/pop singer songwriter from Newton, MA. Chris started his singing doing theater productions in high school and college and covered classic Broadway music with ease. His comfortingly warm presence makes him a very welcome voice in any environment. He wins top praise for his haunting and heavenly vocals that make him a standout in all places he performs. Chris has a diverse musical appetite, with influences stemming from Jeff Buckley to Chris Cornell to Queen. With his many years of theater experience, combined with his passion for performing, Chris loves being on stage, connecting with his audience and engulfing himself in his vocal expression. He can be seen around the Boston area each week performing at some of his favorite spots including Loretta’s Last Call, Nash Bar, Bebop, Aeronaut Brewery, and Hard Rock Café. He pulls from his 50+ song set list of originals and covers (Rock, Soul, Folk, Indie, Pop) to customize song selections for each show, and has performed in over 50 shows.

Chris won the Boston Sings Fenway Open Mic Competition at Loretta’s Last Call which had over 100 participants over a three-month period of time. Chris participated in the 2019 All You Got tour and had an opener performance at the Hampton Beach Seashell Stage, and also participates in the ongoing show activity with Performers on the Go.

In the last few years, Chris has been on a writing spree. On June 24, 2019, Chris released his debut single “Grey Horizon”. It is a gorgeously composed and textured listen with some real heart, a charmer from start to finish which show’s his vocal versatility and talent as a musician. The song captivates the listener with haunting yet powerful vocals and conveys a strong message of overcoming obstacles with strength and perseverance. Summer of 2022 Chris will be playing in the band Red Soda as a lead vocalist at weddings throughout New England.

Chris's second single, "Social Tremors", was released on April 6, 2020, and has been put on dozens of playlists, and recently surpassed 5,000 streams.

In December 2021, Chris released a new cover song, Childish Gambino’s “Feels like Summer”, on all streaming platforms. Chris took a hip-hop song and transitioned it to an acoustic ballad showing his extensive range and his full-bodied falsetto runs. "Feels Like Summer" has an incredibly compelling message about human’s impact on the environment, and the intention was to retell its story in an authentic manner. He completely reimagined the song's instrumentation, put the lyrics front and center, and gave it a slightly uneasy edge to accomplish this. To this day, it remains to be his top streaming song at 42,000 streams.

The song was strategically arranged with shakers and percussion fills that add to the flawless vocals and song's precise rhythm. Chris's vocal creativity captures listeners immediate attention, and his creativity throughout the song adds many surprises. Throughout the song you hear a wide variety of enviable tones that make Chris’s vocal mastery shine and fill the corners of the room. He loved the challenge of transitioning a hip-hop song to a slow indie ballad. The song was produced by Terrance Reeves.

Currently, combined streamed surpass 56,000, and his more recent release reached close to 4,000 streams in its first week.

During quarantine Chris began working on a voice over demo he plans to submit to online voice over entities which he hopes to get commercial, cartoon and singing voice over work with. With Chris's theater background in high school and college, he feels he would have a lot to contribute to this profession.

Going forward Chris has plans to write an upbeat dancing song with a disco feel and is working towards a summer 2022 release.

"Chris is always on point, has a broad reaching voice that you want to keep listening to, and a calmness that makes the experience of his shows relaxing and comfortable." -Performers on the Go, LLC

“Chris is always a pleasure to work with and great fun to listen to, with a voice that’s at once old school and yet contemporary; soothing and soulful. He leaves audience members wanting more and has venues asking for him back!” -Bailey Kolapudi Owner/CEO, Beezlo Music

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