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Dive into the Heartbeat of College Nights with Double Vizion's Debut EP, 'Empty Barstools'

Updated: Feb 23


College life is rich with experiences that shape and define a generation of students, and for four talented seniors at the heart of Amherst, MA, it became the crucible for their unique sound.


Founded in 2022, Double Vizion emerged from the vibrant nightlife. and the shared experiences within the college bars and social spots of their town and college. Their music, an energetic blend of life's relatable moments and spontaneous barstool narratives, resonates with the youthful spirit of their peers.


The band’s debut 5-track EP, Empty Barstools, dropped on September 29, 2023, offers an auditory ticket to the scenes they paint so vividly. It's not just an EP; it's a journey through the highs and lows of college nightlife, rendered in melodies and lyrics that strike a chord with anyone who's ever enjoyed the camaraderie of a night out. The EP was produced by MA producer Jeff Pongonis at Songs 4 Everybody Productions.


The band describes Empty Barstools as a blues-based hard rock EP through and through. While drawing influence from classic artists, they pride themselves on the dynamic, original sounds that can be heard throughout the EP. Sharing a love of classic rock of the 70s and 80s, the band incorporates influences of bands like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith into their music, and also forges a path of their own with a blues-infused hard rock sound that is undeniably original.


Each song, from the raucous "Roadhouse Suzie" to the introspective "Cigarettes and Memories," offers a window into moments of profound emotion, encapsulated in melodies that linger long after the last note fades.


The EP showcases stellar musicianship that really ignites a desire to experience the band's energy in a live setting. The dominant guitar riffs in all the tracks are particularly impressive, often stealing the show and demonstrating a high level of skill and artistry with riffs that are simultaneously intricate, virtuosic, and intense.


The Mastery Behind the music on display in "Empty Barstools" is nothing short of a live-wire experience. Guitar riffs crafted by Max Troderman weave through each track with a virtuosity that is as intricate as it is explosive—demanding to be heard live. Backed by Nick Valianti’s authentic rock vocals, Ethan Borsari’s resonant bass, and Eric Bergeron’s pulsating drums, this EP is a testament to their collective artistry and passion.


The EP title and song titles evoke a sense of nostalgia or reflection, possibly hinting at stories of missed connections or memories of times passed. The music ranges from melancholic to reflective, with a focus on storytelling and emotional expression, positioning them in a blended genre place.


The guitar riffs strike throughout the songs often times occupying extended periods in the tracks, and setting the overall mood. The five songs on the track bring a continuous experience of past reflections that hang in memories and tie together a period of social exploration and late-night banter.


Empty Barstools:



“Roadhouse Suzie”

“Cigarettes and Memories”

“House Fire”

“Train Out of Hell”


The lead track, "Smokeshow", celebrates an enchanting woman who stands out from all others. This woman, with her brown-haired bangs and captivating grin, is likened to a "Smokeshow," a term of endearment that suggests she's stunningly attractive and has an irresistible charm. She's described as the epitome of good looks, someone who's so appealing that merely looking at her feels like it should be forbidden.


Throughout the song, the refrain "She’s my smokeshow" is a constant, emphasizing her uniqueness and the deep impression she's made on the singer. The comparison to "the sweetest wine" suggests that her presence is intoxicating and leaves a lasting impression.


Track 2, "Roadhouse Suzie", describes a vibrant character often found in a roadhouse or bar setting, that gets attention with every step.


Oh, she don't wanna dance, she don't wanna talk

When the fists start flyin’, she don't want it to stop

Woah, Roadhouse Suzie came lookin’ for a fight

Yeah, and she found one

Roadhouse Suzie, Roadhouse Suzie

The queen of the night


The song tells the story of a wild-hearted and unapologetic woman with a rebellious spirit and assertive attitude. She's a figure who's not interested in dancing or small talk; instead, she seems to thrive in the midst of chaos and confrontation, evident from the repeated lines, "When the fists start flyin', she don't want it to stop."


The repeated chorus emphasizes her allure and mystique, painting her as the central character of the roadhouse scene, a place known for its rough-and-tumble atmosphere. The men in the song are drawn to her, possibly betting on her or on what she might do next, but they're warned that they haven't yet seen the full extent of what she's capable of.


Throughout the song, “Roadhouse Suzie” is portrayed as an untamed force, someone who is looking for and finds a fight, reveling in the raucous energy of the roadhouse environment. Yet, despite her tough exterior, there's an air of independence and freedom about her, particularly in the way she leaves "into the night," suggesting that she's beholden to no one and lives life on her own terms. This energy comes to life 2.16-2.52 with spiraling hypnotic riffs that take control of the track.


"Cigarettes and Memories" suggests a nostalgic or contemplative piece, reflecting on the past with a mix of fondness and regret, often associated with moments of solitude and reflection while smoking.


Yeah, they'll be waking me up

Kicking me out

Shaking me off as I'm filling my cup

It's those cigarettes, memories, daydreamin'

I can't change


Cause it’s a Friday, Friday, baby, we’re getting crazy

Well come Sunday morning we’re getting lazy

One thing to remember, one thing to forget

You might regret it, those cigarettes can’t


The song is a nostalgic ode to youthful indulgence and wild nights out. It reflects on carefree times at familiar local spots, underscored by a chorus that captures the cyclic nature of partying and the aftermath, finding comfort in the rituals of smoking and reminiscing. The song acknowledges the carefree days are part of personal history, with specific places and times evoking a lifestyle of revelry embraced as part of one's identity. It celebrates living in the moment, unapologetic for its vices, and despite inevitable changes, it cherishes those irretrievable times of youthful rebellion and intensity.


The repeated chorus "Yeah, they'll be waking me up / Kicking me out / Shaking me off as I'm filling my cup / It's those cigarettes, memories, daydreamin' / I can't change" suggests a routine of partying, facing the consequences, and yet finding solace in the haze of cigarettes and the comfort of cherished memories. It's an ode to the days gone by, acknowledging the inevitable changes that come with growing up while clinging to the remnants of a carefree past.


"House Fire" symbolizes destruction and intense emotion, relating to a passionate but possibly destructive relationship.


Something’s smokin’

Something’s burnin’ inside

Something’s smokin’, oh yeah

Do what you’re doin’ cause we’re havin’ a house fire


One more girl, one more night

She acts so sweet, but she got fire in her eyes

You know it’s just a game, we play it the same

They’re callin’ me crazy, but I ain’t ashamed


Oh baby, do what you’re doin’

Oh baby, do what you’re doin’

You call me up anytime


The lyrics of "House Fire" depict a passionate and intense relationship, using the metaphor of a 'house fire' to describe the burning attraction between the singer and a woman. The song talks about spending time together, the woman's allure in a black dress, and a playful dynamic that feels like a game. The chorus emphasizes the heat of their connection with repeated mentions of something smokin' and burnin' inside. The singer finds the woman's presence so enticing it's as if they're having a literal house fire, and despite what others say, he's not ashamed of this wild, fiery romance.


"Train out of Hell" might represent escape or liberation from a difficult situation or period in one's life, evoking imagery of a powerful, relentless journey towards a better place or state of mind.


"Train Out of Hell" narrates a decisive departure from a troubled past in Boston to a hopeful future in Austin, leaving behind a deceitful relationship. The subject vows never to return, emphasizing a journey of recovery from hardship, symbolized by a train ride. Despite the bitterness, there's a sense of liberation and the possibility of finding new love, with the train metaphor serving as a commitment to move forward and not look back. The recurring phrase "never going back" underscores a strong resolution to leave the pain behind and the final confusion about the train's direction adds a touch of irony to the determined escape.


Nick's rock vocals have a deep, resonant quality that carries the power and grit characteristic of rock music. The timbre is textured and has a raspy edge, adding emotional intensity and raw expressiveness to the performance. Such a voice commands attention, resonating with an audience and cutting through the heavy instrumentation typical of rock music.


“We love our studio work, but the best way to consume rock music is live. Our favorite part of this journey has been the face-to-face time with every part of the community, including our fans. We’re always looking for new gigs, from house parties to swanky auditoriums. If you’ve got a basement, backyard, or your mother’s attic; give us a DM, then call all your friends and tell them Double Vizion is coming.”-Double Vizion


Performers On the Go recently met the rock band Double Vizion at our hosted event, the Grand Finale Qualifier, at Loretta's Last Call. The band succeeded in advancing Performers on the Go Grand Finale event and won the "Top Musicality" award. At the end of March, they will be performing in the New England Music Awards Last Band Standing competition taking place at the Nash Bar on the 30th, The band also just released their first video for "Roadhouse Suzie".


Amherst has been a great place to share for the band to share their music at spots like the Monkey Bar, and while in Boston they have performed at The Middle East in Cambridge; had a sold out a show at Sonia, and performed at the Roxwood Music Hall.

Double Vizion has mastered the art of electrifying a venue, and

elevating any club or party with their stay on top stage presence and compelling musicianship. With their instruments speaking as vividly as their lyrics, each member brings a piece of the spotlight to life with standout solos that bring all eyes to the stage. Their music resonates with a sense of nostalgia yet feels entirely at home in the present, crafting an atmosphere where every listener is wholeheartedly immersed from the first note to the last. It's this authentic blend of old-school soul and contemporary energy that makes Double Vizion's performances not just shows, but collective experiences where everyone is part of the story they weave. A Collection of Anthems for the Soul. the debut EP ‘Empty Barstools’, explores timeless themes of love, loss, and life-changing memories. ~Performers on the Go






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