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Hudson Road’s video spins through love’s tug-o-war

Boston singer songwriter Moni Grace’s recently released video of her new single, ‘Hudson Road’, captures the emotional tug-o-war of a relationship that one should run from. “It’s best that we don’t get involved” confirms the acceptance of the relationship not moving beyond “Hudson Road”. Despite the need to move on ( “I can’t let go of this moment…I can’t control any of it”), the subject struggles to find the willpower to escape the love they know won’t move on. You sense she just needs to hold onto the final moments, and keep those feelings alive as long as she can.

“Don’t stop when we were supposed to run.

Don’t hate me cause we were once in love.”

The video has one subject spiraling in circles, jumping, dancing and taking in all the fresh air around her. Each emotion is well portrayed by the dancing, and let go movements the subject has demonstrated throughout the video. It is a video you need to watch several times, as each time you notice new scenes that show she has been freed and has escaped the pain of love lost. The imagery is simple, yet impactful and well presented.

Once beyond Hudson Road, the skies open up to early rise sunshine casting highlights on her hair. It takes you on an emotional healing pathway of getting stronger within through new surroundings and nature, and enables her to experience the chase without the fall. The nature scenes have one with her moving slowly along a bench showing just her black boots, which it is so effective as you feel the safety and sanctity of the moment.

Just 20 seconds into the video you see the pain and emotion taking control as she sits with her hands clenched to the hair on the sides of her head, and her eyes shut tightly with visible pain, but in time she moves outdoors and feels the casts of sunlight and takes in both nature and the city life around her. She was creating a new place of self-love and appreciation of the world around her, and the power she has to make the right choices.

'Hudson Road' is a relatable song for many, as it captures the power of love and it's survivability, and addresses the need to face the relationship's drama cycles and challenges.

Moni's second album, Safer under covers, is set for release in January 2021, and 'Hudson Road', is the first single on the album. 'Hudson' Road has received great reviews, has been place on many playlists and is streaming with almost 5,000 streams in its first weeks. "Moni's pop-punk influences shine on her raw take on the heartbroken singer/songwriter role". -Buffablog

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