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"Love Across the Aisle": A Serendipitous Romance Born Mid-Flight

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

It's often said that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and "Love Across the Aisle" encapsulates just that sentiment. This enchanting love story traces its beginnings to Delta Flight 3473 where two strangers locked eyes across an airplane aisle, hinting at the promise of an enduring connection.

On the memorable day of August 26, 2023, Bridget and Jack, inseparable best friends, exchanged vows amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Bellevue, Idaho's mountains. In search of the perfect wedding gift for this special couple, the bride's mother, music entrepreneur and executive Patty Duffey, decided to recount their unique journey through a heartwarming song. This melodious tale was crafted over a six-month period during early morning runs, inspired by tidbits from pre-wedding events, and beautiful words taken from the couple's wedding website.

With a harmonious vibe reminiscent of Stephen Sanchez's hit, "Until I found you" – approaching a staggering 700 million streams – this song is a roller-coaster of emotions. It oscillates between evoking smiles of pure joy and tears of overwhelming happiness. You want to know it all and feel the song’s happiness from start to finish. "Love Across the Aisle" transcends its melody. It's a testament to the serendipity of love: from an unplanned meeting on a plane to an eternal commitment at 7 Dog Ranch. This narrative reinforces the belief that when it comes to love, nothing is impossible.

Their initial encounter took place aboard a flight to Boston during a Father's Day weekend. While Bridget was on her way from Brooklyn, NY, eager to celebrate the special day with her father, Jack was headed home following a weekend with friends in NYC. Not wanting to miss a golden opportunity, Jack reached out to his trusted confidant, his mother, for some advice. Heeding her urgent advice, he mustered up the courage and secured Bridget's number just as they departed the jet bridge. This marked the inception of a three-year romance, culminating in them settling in Boston, MA full-time. Their bond further solidified

during the Covid period when they spent periods at Jack's family's scenic ranch in Idaho, enjoying an action-packed agenda that set the tone for their next 3 years together... fishing, shooting, Mount Baldy hikes, river floating, swimming, and off-road driving, often capped off with golden sunsets cast across the mountain tops. From the start they felt: "It all feels right, just right. It all feels right."

We knew it was special, but it was only after spending a few months at "7 Dog Ranch" in 2020, that we came to regard the valley — its mountains, rivers, and open air — as the soul of our relationship.-Bridget and Jack

Their heartfelt notes in a mountaintop guestbook further illustrate their enchantment: "Beautiful morning and couldn’t be more blessed to be in the pioneers. I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world”.

To bring the song to life, the talented indie artist Alexa Cabral’s soulful voice with smooth vibrato runs was added to the project. A dedicated member of Patty’s "Performers on the Go" artist program for four years, Alexa continually showcased her prowess both in solo and band arrangements (Synco and Catching Arrows), and in her six releases which have close to 60K in streams. With the expert engineering of platinum producer Brad Young from BKY Music, and the creative involvement of singer-songwriter/metalcore artist Maximilian Wentz, who worked with Patty’s song creation files to create a demo track on vocals and guitar to start the process, the song transformed into a one-of-a-kind love story everyone will fall in love with.

In essence, "Love Across the Aisle" isn’t just a song; it's an anthem for love's unpredictability. Beginning with a fleeting glance across airplane seats, evolving into an unforgettable journey, and culminating in a magical walk down the aisle at 7 Dog Ranch - this love story reminds us all that true love knows no bounds.

Patty Duffey’s debut single, "There", garnered significant attention, finding its way onto over 200 playlists, receiving dozens of industry reviews, and streaming to 30K. She envisions "Love Across the Aisle" to resonate deeply in cinematic spaces, offering the perfect backdrop for poignant love stories.

The song’s lyrics incorporated their words, love of nature, and a life of adventure across the world. Less than a week following the wedding, the groom’s chosen adventure with Bridget by his side as his race manager, was the Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc, a 106 miles ultra-marathon which traveled through three countries and extreme elevations. With 6,600 runners participating Jack placed 73rd overall, 64th in his gender group, 39th in his category, and was the 8th American to cross the finish line. There will be many more finish lines, trails and adventures to enjoy in their quest to keep exploring the world.


Travels to many

New spots

And a pandemic lockdown

All At 7 Dog Ranch

With you were always on a roll

It’s open air

Within our souls


One week later

Boston to New York

Our first date

And be the start

Of a life so busy

Scaling the highest peaks in

Greece, London and Rome

To Switzerland, Iceland, Sun Valley, Idaho


The best life comes and holds

A bridge that’s ready

For word puzzles all day long

From the aisle

To endless trails

To endless trails

To new love prizes

Across the world

Every piece fits just right just right


Feels just right, just right

It all feels right

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