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Maximilian Wentz releases a powerful and emotionally charged metalcore EP Memories 1: The Storm

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Boston-based heavy metal-metalcore musician Maximilian Wentz is excited to announce the release of his debut EP, Memories 1: The Storm, released July 14, 2023. This highly anticipated project showcases a shift towards a heavier, more metal-oriented sound, marking a departure from his previous work. With a focus on self-reflection and personal experiences, this EP represents the culmination of life's transitions through his younger years.

Recorded at On the Fringe Studios in West Newbury, MA, the same studio where Maximilian recorded his debut album, MARE, the new EP was expertly crafted in collaboration with a dedicated engineering team. The decision to return to this studio was based on their unparalleled expertise in the genre and the successful collaboration that occurred during the creation of the prior album and singles.

In my EP Memories 1: The Storm, I embark on the most intense musical journey of my career. This release showcases my most personal and arguably heaviest material to date. The lyrics emotionally capture a sense of impending collapse, as if the very structure is crumbling, and the weight of the waves crashing against my bones can be felt.~Maximilian Wentz

Drawing from his extensive experience of writing, recording, and producing 18 previously released songs, Maximilian Wentz seamlessly incorporates the lessons learned from the past into this new EP project. By carefully considering feedback and responses from prior releases, the EP presents a cohesive and genre-specific sound that ensures a solid fit within metalcore.

Memories 1: The Storm serves as Part 1 of a trilogy of EPs, with each song reflecting on different aspects of Maximilian's childhood and young adult years. The EP captures the essence of old-school metalcore from the period 1998-2005, showcasing Maximilian’s versatility as he skillfully handles multiple instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion, and vocals.

The four tracks for Memories 1: The Storm follow:

"Fangs of the Beast" - An emotionally charged exploration of the struggles and the overwhelming desperation to escape when confronted with intense turmoil, broken souled emotion and feeling lost...Malevolent forces are pulling me further into the dark.

The anger within Is forcing me into the grip of the monster within my heart.

"Devastation" - A poignant reflection on feelings of abandonment and being lost, as one embarks on a dark path and desperately searches for salvation...They’ve taken me to places I don’t want to go. From heaven above down to the deepest darkest lows. I’m searching for strength to face my demons. Cause I know they’re not going away. They’ve made me question every single thing I trust. If hell exists, well then it’s right in front of us. Is there a way to see the light and survive this devastation?

"Beyond Comprehension" - From the perspective of a child left behind by a departing family member, this song delves into the helplessness, fear of abandonment, and longing for their return...It’s beyond comprehension, the way life changes oh so fast. It’s beyond comprehension. Will you become a fragment of my past?

"I Never Thought" - This powerful track reveals the shattered illusions of a seemingly stable world, as the protagonist witnesses profound changes and upheaval, akin to a raging storm….I need the light of the sun to cast the shadows away and lead me to my salvation.

Each song on the EP resonates with raw emotions, allowing listeners to connect with the frustrations, anger, and deep emotions expressed throughout the EP. Memories 1: The Storm embodies a mature and introspective approach, aligning with real-life transitions and chapters in one’s life.

The instrumental composition shows Maximilian’s progressive approach to metalcore and reflects heightened aggression and technicality, firmly establishing its place within the metalcore genre. Listeners get lost in the sea of emotions and feel the pain and suffering generated. Straight-ahead rock energy with giant choruses, accompanied by catchy sing-along parts, create an engaging and uplifting experience, while bursts of high energy capture the intensity of emotions and immediately captivate the audience. Each track has riff filled sections that fire up the emotions and allow time to think and ponder over the lyrics. The album boasts a pristine and powerful sound, allowing each instrument to shine and contribute to the overall sonic assault. The mix strikes a perfect balance between clarity and heaviness, ensuring that every blistering guitar riff, drum fill, and vocal nuance hits with maximum impact. Unleashing the beast, Maximilian leaves his mark on the souls of his listeners, and the music resonates long after the last notes fade away.

Maximilian’s vocal range is equally impressive, seamlessly transitioning between soaring melodies and raw, gritty power, engulfing the listener in a whirlwind of raw energy and unyielding aggression. The effective use of background vocals captured the dominant melodies throughout the EP.

The lyrics delve into themes of inner turmoil, struggles of desperation, and finding hope in the face of darkness. The introspective and thought-provoking lyrics resonate with listeners on a deep level, providing a cathartic experience amidst the chaotic storm of the music. Tracks like “I never thought” and “Beyond Comprehension” showcase the artist’s ability to balance aggression with introspection, leaving a lasting impact on the listener, while “Devastation” and “Fangs of the Beast” dominate with explosive energy that hits hard. A mix of the EP's lyrics follows.

I never thought I’d see the day

the world I know

would start to fade away.

My life’s unraveling.

I never thought I’d see the day

My fears would come to life

And swallow me

As the pressure breaks me

The pain starts to sear

But I was raised to stay by your side

No matter how I feel

You keep breaking me down

You tear me apart

Preparing me to become what you are

A broken soul

With no control

Stuck in a world I loathe

They’ve made me question every single thing I trust

If hell exists, well then it’s right in front of us

I can hear the structure collapsing

I can feel the weight crushing my bones

Production-wise, the album is well-executed, with a distinct and crisp sound that allows each instrument to shine.

Maximilian's releases combine elements of rock, heavy rock and metal, and Latin music to deliver a collection of unique songs that capture the dramatic and extreme emotions. He has German (Frankfurt) roots on his father's side of the family, and Latin roots on his mother's side of the family.

Maximilian is also a member and lead singer of the heavy metal band 51st State, formed in 2021, and in the summer months he has been a lead singer in the classic rock band Synco, managed by Performers on the Go, LLC, performing in 30+ shows each season. Venues include Hampton Beach Seashell Stage, Hard Rock Cafe Boston, Cape Cod Music Room, Loretta's Last Call, Lawn on D and many more Boston clubs/venues. He is currently working on his Masters Degree in Business Music at Berklee College of Music.

Collectively, his Spotify streams exceed 600K, SoundCloud streams just surpassed 1 million, and his songs have been placed on hundreds of playlists and have been featured in 50+ publications/blogs.

Wentz's music is a testament to his unwavering passion, the impact of life's unexpected and challenging moments, and the profound healing power of music.

Maximilian Wentz, a singer-songwriter, metal artist, and multi-instrumentalist, exudes a vibrant and deeply rooted originality that transcends genre boundaries. With his clever storytelling and boundless creativity, he forges a unique path in the music industry. driven by his own artistic impulses. Seamlessly blending his diverse musical passions, he effortlessly traverses from well-positioned clean vocals to hard-hitting metal originals, showcasing his wide-ranging talents. Constantly evolving, Wentz's music continues to surprise, as he resides in a realm of perpetual creation that mirrors his unwavering passion, life's unexpected encounters, and intense emotions, all of which have a healing impact.

Wentz's lyrical content delves into the depths of the human soul, tackling themes of struggle, overcoming darkness, and reflecting on the state of the world. His rich tone, poetic lyricism, and captivating storytelling create a distinctive and unparalleled presence. With an engaging and enigmatic rollercoaster style, Wentz's music takes unexpected twists and turns, captivating listeners and leaving them intrigued. Performers on the Go, LLC aptly describes Wentz as a distinctively unique performer, whose hauntingly soulful presence and inventive musical approach make him a true original artist and standout in the industry. ~Performers on the Go, LLC

Photography credit: Patty Duffey Photography

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