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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Maya Salafia's new single "Everlasting", released on June 9th, has received a rush of PR attention from bloggers, music reviewers, playlist curators and music influencers. The acceptance rate is the highest we have received on a PR campaign. Just one month into the release and the song has been reviewed in 20 publications, has 11 reviews/pending and 28 with proposals approved and in review from publishers/influencers here and afar. It has also been placed on 50 playlists and has been featured on two radio shows in its early weeks.

Overall, the reviews make mention of the poetic and relatable lyrics, the summer love story, solid vocals and beautiful composition. Here are a few of the early comments received by bloggers...

What a beautiful song. I really, really liked the vocals and the lyrics. The arrangement is pure pop folk rock with a 1990s feel and a built-in nostalgia, something very pleasant to hear. I want to hear more.-Célula Pop

The artist’s thoughtful writing and emotive vocals make for a sound that is filled with character and charm, and even at just 16, the artist feels like she is truly maturing into an artist who’s composure and talent belies her years.-Clout

Her intelligent lyrics and passionate voice create a sound that is full of character and charm.-Motion News

“Everlasting” is a song about longing for the reunification of a previous love story, told by an extraordinarily emotional plot and exquisite poetry. The music and words pierce your soul and personal and eternal love relationships with depth and insight. Maya’s voices are full of sincerity, making them the ideal vehicle for her seasoned lyrics.

Maya begins to show that she is willing to push the song melodically and add more of a rock influence as the song progresses, with a combination of acoustic and electric guitars and sunny synths accompanying her smooth, soaring vocals as we open up the vibrant deck to feel a range of feelings.-Song Web

Take a few seconds to take a deep breath before immersing yourself in the musical universe of Maya Salafia and her song "Everlasting", a journey of a thousand musical flavors tinged with Pop and folk, all against a backdrop of soft melodic touches that never will not fail to please you.

Impossible not to succumb to the voice of Maya Salafia who intoxicates us with her vocal beauty with an indescribable magic. The guitars, the instrumentation and the realization offer us the promise of a moment of effective music, which is appreciated without effort. When you have a hit in your hands, it's easier!-Indie Chronique

Recent review by Roadie Music:

If there's one type of music that's impossible not to connect with, it's romantic pop. It takes you to a memory or a feeling whether it's someone we lost or someone we still love, or even that love that was never returned. All of them perfectly match the soundtrack created by American singer-songwriter Maya Salafia. She follows the style of country pop singers who write sweet and soft songs, very marked by the guitar, drums and with a poetic composition in the lyrics telling different stories.

She is recently releasing her new single called “Everlasting” which is a dedication to love and talks about thinking about the person you love without being with her, but wishing and wondering if she is thinking about you and if she feels the same. She also sings about loving that person just the way they are with flaws and strengths. The important thing is to be with the one we love.

The melody sounds a bit like Taylor Swift's early songs based on country along with pop and strong lyrics. However, Maya's voice is deeper and deeper, maintaining the beauty of the composition and giving a special air to the song.

The single clearly shows Maya's personality and her songwriting style, which is complemented by her other songs, but with “Everlasting” it is already possible to get to know the artist and fall in love with her.

Maya is on the right path of music with her compositions and her unique voice, creating songs that can touch both adults and teenagers, making everyone identify and enchant with her delicacy and charisma. She enters the same artist level as Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers. So it's only a matter of time before Maya hits radio stations and streams around the world because she has talent to spare.

Maya is currently preparing her next song, "In the fall", for an early fall release, and will be working the the production team of Owen Korzec, Performers on the Go, and Brad Young of BKY Studios.

Maya’s music is alive with joy and hope, and is full of melodic hooks, and simple eloquence and poetic beauty that stays with you and creates imagery that creates an everlasting reflection that love is in the air. The new release, “Everlasting”, with its soaring, “can’t help but sing along” chorus and positive vibes, is a classic love pop song with long staying power, and instant shareability. ~Performers on the Go, LLC

The simplicity and subtleties of the lyrics of “Everlasting” bring hope that mutual love will win. You said you’d laugh until you cried, something I never knew. Now all I want is you.

You may follow Maya on Instagram @mayasalafia and on Spotify

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