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Performers on the Go artist’s music attracts high streaming numbers

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Performers on the Go artists have been fully engaged in their Spotify marketing activities, and have experienced impressive streaming numbers. The artists have all focused on a multi-phase approach to Spotify marketing.

· Organizing listening parties with family, friends and fans on the release weekend

· Running pre-save campaigns through their distributor platforms. This is marketed through social media and email campaigns.

· Focusing on genre and sub-genre specific playlist targeting through reach out to playlist curators via email, Facebook messaging and Instagram messaging.

· Submissions to blogs for further exposure and obtaining content review

· Continued song marketing on social sites by posting video clips, lyric videos, performance and music videos

· Thanking all curators for including their music on their playlists (email and in Instagram stories)

· Continued marketing of the song after the initial release period to keep the momentum going

·Daily messaging to followers on Instagram, sending them the song's Spotify link. This is easy to do if you have a plan and reach out to a set number a day

·Following music Facebook groups and posting the song pitch and Spotify link

Currently, Performers on the Go has the majority of their artists displaying streaming numbers above 1,000 streams. Our youngest artists new music is also seeing great results from the above marketing approaches. With each song campaign, they are learning what tactics to take forward to the next release, and adjust their focus as needed. In most cases each new release is stronger that the prior releases, as they have the history with curators and repeat the placements that generated the biggest streams. They also take on new directions to test other playlists and specialty genre categorites.

Our streaming clubs have many levels, and below is a recap of some of our artists recent successes. We currently have three artists over six figures on streams. We have also seen some great success with artists songs getting added to user playlists. This is the bonus everyone strives for as the song goes on a viral journey and streams naturally happen. Alaina Ray has seen this activity on her last release of her pop song, “I Think”. This activity also adds more Spotify followers which helps with bolstering streams on new releases.


Zola: 272,496

Maximilian Wentz: 112,041 on debut 5 song EP

Elliot Wren: 228,117 on first two singles; “Good Luck” and “RIP My Diary”

Alaina Ray: 75,000 on three releases with most recent release "I Think" at three weeks at 13,210 streams

Support Group: 21,194 streams in first month on debut release of “Call me Crazy”

Rhema Renee: 16,000 on second single, “Body”

Noah Hatton: 9,000 on “Honey Hair”

Chris D’Agostino: 46,486 streams on two singles and cover song release of "Feels like summer"

Moni Grace: 53, 718 streams on debut EP and new single "Hudson Road"

Caleb Cascio: 16,600 streams in first months on debut release of “On Mars”

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