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Performers on the Go artists lighting up school holiday stages

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Not only do these artists perform a lot with our busy show and competition schedule all year, but they also perform in their school concerts and events throughout the year. This requires frequent practices, rehearsals, both during and after school, and ongoing independent practicing. They are all enthusiastic to be a part of their school programs, and engage in school spirit events, sporting events, coffee houses, and annual and seasonal concerts. In addition to all their shows, they all train with private vocal coaches to work on vocal strengthening, warm up techniques and new song preparations.

Two of the artists, Caleb Cascio and Alexa Cabral, have been selected for their region's MMEA (MA associates educators association) District Chorus from a recent audition event. Each region does an annual festival which is part of the MMEA’s mission to “promote the advancement of music education” and “encourage music activities among schools of the Commonwealth.” The MMEA festivals feature some of the best performers in the state, so it is a great honor and achievement to be selected as a chorus member. The artists we are highlighting include Cameron Fox, high school senior, Alexa Cabral, high school senior, Caleb Cascio, high school junior, and Maya Salafia, high school junior. They plan to include music as part of their curriculum in college, and explore all that their schools have to offer in music programs and activities..

South Eastern Massachusetts Music Educators Association Senior District Music Festival.

Cameron Fox

Needham High School A cappella

With Performers on the Go, Cameron is a member of the Synco band and Catching Arrows, performing on bass in both bands and as back-up singer in Catching Arrows.

Alexa Cabral

Seekonk High School Chorus

MMEA South Eastern High School District Chorus

Senior District Music Festival; January 7, 2023

With Performers on the Go, Alexa is a member of the Synco Band and Catching Arrows, performing as lead vocals in both bands.

Alexa has released five singles which have total streaming activity of over 55K.


Caleb Cascio

Central High School Jazz Band

Central High School A cappella

Central High School Liturgical choir

Central High School Concert Choir, Tenor

St. Michael's Church Choir; lead vocalist

MMEA North Eastern High School District Chorus

NMEA Annual Senior District Music Festival is on Saturday, January 7, 2023 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Caleb has released three singles and recently has exceeded 100K in overall Spotify streams.

Maya Salafia

Lexington High School Jazz band

They have three special concert events on 11/10/22, 1/13/23 and 4/6/23.

Maya has released two singles and an EP, which have 50K in total streams.

She is also the winner and placed 2nd and 3rd in the annual 2021 songwriting contest for her songs "In the fall", "First Grade" and "Everlasting." She is also a member of the Synco Band, performing in lead vocals.

All artists are singer-songwriters and between them they have 17 original songs on streaming platforms, and have reached 283,550 streams, along with numerous awards, industry reviews (50+), and playlist placement success.

These artists all manage to successfully balance their school and music activities both in and outside of school, with precision, commitment and dedication, and their performance resumes are always growing with new career highlights and accomplishments. Their passion for music is shines through in all that they do and there's no doubt they will soar onto new stages, and will continue to share their talents with the world.-Performers on the Go, LLC

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