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Performers on the Go participates in 2023 61st New England Music Festival's talent competition

Performers on the Go, LLC participated in the 61st New England Music Festival taking place at the Newton Marriott Hotel in Newton, MA on March 31, April 1 and April 2, 2023. The event was sponsored by the Accordion Teacher's Association of Massachusetts, Inc, (ATAM; established in 1962), which typically features more than 3000 competitive entries (both in person and virtual), and 800 contestants from all across New England. The ATAM is recognized as one of the oldest and largest talent competitions and celebrations of excellence in the country.

During the festival, contestants across all music disciplines, ages up to 22, took part in accordion, guitar, bass guitar, drum, percussion, clarinet, piano, violin, and voice competitions. Solo, duet, and group competitive entries are also included. To participate contestants must be students of ATAM teachers/members. Awards for the larger events were presented at the banquet on Saturday evening, to an impressive audience of 450+ people. Artists Maya Salafia, Jordan Posnik and Caleb Cascio all received awards at the banquet.

Performers on the Go, LLC is honored to be a new member of the ATAM organization and is excited to be involved with the organization. It is so welcoming being able to connect and network with long-standing musicians and music school owners who have had lifelong commitments and passion in supporting musician's young careers and development. Our first experience at the New England Music Festival was exciting, and we were impressed with the orchestration of such such a major event taking place on six floors at the hotel over the three days of competitions. There are thousands of moving parts to manage an event of this size, and it is done with great precision and professionalism by the ATAM members and teams of volunteers. Over $7,000 in prize money was awarded, which included two $1,000 scholarships for graduating high school seniors. It truly was so uplifting to hear the applause thundering throughout the six floors, and observing the participants' rewards of their continuous coaching and practice.

Performers on the Go had bands, duets, and solo artists participating in the event. They all worked hard to prepare for their competitions, and for the first year participating, did an outstanding job by placing in ten out of the thirteen competition events entered, which is 77% success on placements. A summary of the results follows:

2nd Place New England Drum Championship: Jordan Posnik

1st Place Battle of the Bands Senior: Synco

Members: Trisha Iyer, Thara Iyer, Nick Yee, Ian Sotis, Cameron Fox

2nd Place Battle of the Bands Senior: Trouble Made

1st Place Drum Freestyle: Jordan Posnik

2nd Place Drum Freestyle: Nick Yee

2nd Place Duet (up to 22): The Loop; M'Zariah Starr, Marcia Bibbins

2nd Place Vocal with Instrument: Maya Salafia

3rd Place Vocal with Instrument: Caleb Cascio

2nd Place ATAM Entertainment 15 and over: Maya Salafia

3rd Place ATAM Entertainment 15 and over: Caleb Cascio

The welcoming and supportive atmosphere was recognized by all who attended. Additionally, the quality from an operational level was proficient with every detail well-organized all the way through the three awards ceremonies.

Performers on the Go artists worked hard with their coaches in preparing their performances for the events, and we were pumped over the success they all achieved, and know their overall experience will contribute to their future growth and confidence.

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