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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

"There" Spotify link

Performers on the Go, LLC, and Patty Duffey, CEO, have started a new library for sync song placements for movies, TV shows, commercials, podcasts, social media and more, and we are actively creating and adding songs to our sync library. An early addition is pop song "There", which was released on 10/21/2022 across the streaming universe. Our songwriting focus for additions to the sync library will be on songs that have universal themes that make them well-positioned for sync placement opportunities. Other Performers on the Go songs are in process for the sync library, with an early 2023 release plan. Songwriting will focus on friendship, love at all stages, and life's goodness.

“There” is about the extreme power of friendship, and how best friends can help get you through anything and everything and are forever present through thick and thin. Their doors are always open, and during the highs and lows they somehow know how to make things better at times when it is most needed. They protect all that is said, “every word and motion sacred (verse 1).”

Genuine friends make us better people. -Gail Jones, life coach and author

One recent day, three separate calls from friends made me realize how comforting it is to know when people have your back. At that point, the writing of “There” began and memories of both current and long-term cherished friendships were incorporated into the song. The songwriting took place while on long runs and hikes, and was recorded and pieced together through dozens of cell phone clips and notes. Taking the time to recall the keepsake moments with friends, helped capture the songs emotions and the marveled depth of friendship.

There are all types of friends...those you can call anytime you just need someone to make you feel better, those that you need to share a secret, life encounter, or exciting moment with, those you want to laugh with, those that understand and stop your tears, and those that have been calling you since you were in grade school and cherished every shared memory. The most important quality is that they listen, care, and respond as needed. You know when you text or call they will respond and you never doubt their commitment to the friendship. The song title could also have been “Have my back”, as it is one lyric that stands out in the song, and enables you to feel strength and safety to be braver to confront and "bypass saboteurs near (verse 1)." Instead, the title, “There”, seemed like the best title, given its message that friends are always unselfishly loyal and present, and will be there in seconds at times when you need them most.

Patty’s BFF from grade school days to today, remembers every teen encounter, party and social affair to mind-blowing details, including every outfit and hair style worn at the dances and big high school events. A BFF remembers these little details which makes the memories bigger. No matter how old your friendship is, friends collect no dust, and are lifelong connected soul to soul.

Friendship is a sheltering tree. Samuel Coleridge

We worked with a tremendous team on the song, which included 20-year-old singer-songwriter/pop artist Amelia Earnshaw, lead vocals, musician Owen Korzec, on bass, drums, guitar, percussion and keys, Brad Young, BKY Music, on vocal production and engineering/mastering, singer-songwriter Maximilian Wentz on the song’s acoustic demo, and Owen K. Korzec Productions on instrumental production and engineering. As Brad commented, vocalist Amelia Earnshaw has a pure, clear, and current pop sound which fits the song perfectly. She was masterful at the whole studio session, and learned the song through Patty’s cell phone clips in minutes. The production/engineering team has worked on several other songs for Performers on the Go artists, which collectively have over 170K streams, and consolidated streams for Performers on the Go artists exceed 1.6 million.

Performers on the Go looks forward to involving more artists in their sync library development in the coming year. The next song planned is a second pop song titled "Spark", a song that captures the instant and unexpected first love feelings.

To have my back

To have my soul

Never need to turnaround

And worry about who’s here or there

Never a whisper

Never a sound

The only way to have a friend is to be one. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ones who have been there through thick and thin for years and years are the true and forever loyal best friends. -Patty Duffey

Trust my world is safe there

Every word and motion sacred

It’s bout how and ways you care

To bypass saboteurs near

And have my heart

So open yet so protected

To live a life

I couldn’t have expected

To be so free and eternally connected

The strength to erase all fears

A best friend’s always near

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