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Pop artist Caleb Cascio’s new single lifts friend’s spirits and brings hope during the pandemic

Boston-based teen singer-songwriter Caleb Cascio wrote his sophomore single, “You’re not alone”, during quarantine to let his friends know they were not alone and had a support network a click or a call away. The virtual world kicked in and Caleb found ways to keep everyone calm and hopeful. The song’s lyrics provided comfort and reassurance at a time people’s lives were in an unknown place. The song’s poignant message was universal to all the world…” It’s gonna be OK. Always remember, you’re not alone, your friends are here, you must be strong, you’re not alone.”

Caleb's vision for the song naturally came together...”I started writing this song back in May 2020 when I began missing my friends and the way my life used to be. Music always makes me feel better, so I figured this song would make others feel happy, too. As I began singing it for people, I was amazed at how many interpretations people had, from friendships to mental illness to spiritual, it shines a little light on everyone. I just want people to feel happy again because we are strong.”

Caleb organized a weekly Instagram live stream show on weekend evenings, always focusing on making everyone feel better. During this time, Caleb worked hard on getting his song ready for the studio, keeping a diary of all the song’s development process and performance and practice time. It was a first for the production and recording team to record a song during the pandemic, but everyone followed well-organized procedures to ensure participants were cautious and aware of safety controls.

“You’re not alone” is a song with a universal reach across the globe, providing comfort and hope at a time when most people were living with unknowns and daily uneasiness. The song’s main message that we have each other is powerful and encouraging.

“When can I see my friends?” was a relentless question during quarantine. Being disconnected to those that get you and understand how to make you feel better, caused emptiness, loneliness and confused anxiety. Caleb’s intention was to help everyone feel better and calmer through virtual connections. At a recent video shoot, Caleb’s friends who participated all sung along to the song, singing it in the manner of a favorite cover.

With powerful heart-warming vocals, big and steady drums and unique instrumental layering, the song’s powerful messages of hope deliver an emotional impact. Adding in the mandolin in strategic spots throughout the song, balanced off the dynamic arrangement. The flowing smooth melodies interspersed throughout the song, and ramping up of the vocals creates a sense of hope and survival. When the chorus hits, there is a slight swell of music which brings a dusting of strength to move forward and confront the challenges ahead. The song creates a glimmer of hope woven throughout that let you feel things will be okay. It captures the power of human emotions in a beautiful light.

The song was produced by James Zaner, Zippah Studios, and performed by Caleb Cascio on vocals, acoustic guitar and mandolin, and Owen Korzec on electric guitar, drums, bass, keys/piano, and percussion. Owen was also the assistant producer and created the song’s arrangement. Owen, Production Manager for Performers on the Go, when asked what words best describes the new song, responded with, “encouraging, optimistic, powerful, moving and helpful.”

The song is about being in a situation you can’t control, and creates an outreach to all that we can find strength together.

Caleb has more songs in motion and plans to return to the studio very soon to record his next single, “Rollercoaster”. Caleb’s debut single, “On Mars”, has just passed 20,000 streams on Spotify. “On Mars” followed a similar theme on the essence of friendship. The song is about about chilling out on Mars with his guitar, and wishing how he’d like his best friend to be there with him to share in the wonder of space.

He’s active member in the Autism Speaks community, performing at Xfinity Center and Fenway Park for autism events, and hosting his own fundraisers through his music performances.

Find out more about Caleb on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.

"You're not alone":

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