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Seamus Fox combines his love for his keyboard with his pop obsession

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Seamus Fox is a singer songwriter/pop artist and keyboardist from Boston, MA. Seamus’s warm and comforting voice links together classics with a myriad of contemporary styles. He loves covering all type of music from classics by Joe Cocker to today’s top pop/soft rock artists with Harry Styles songs frequenting his sets. Other artists he enjoys covering are Rex Orange County, and Elton John and among his favorite songs are “Rocket Man” by Elton John, “Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County, “With or Without you” by U2, and “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Seamus’s enthusiasm for many styles of music has enabled him to explore many directions with his voice, reaching from low runs to sweet falsetto peaks. He is authentic and real as it gets, and his quality keyboard playing enhances each performance.

His musical journey began when his parents bought him a crocodile piano when he was very young. He’d sing along with his playing, and in the 3rd grade was required to participate in the school chorus. Since the grade school days, Seamus quietly learned songs in his bedroom while he played his keyboard, and has accumulated a love for all types of music. His parents occasionally hear him shyly through the walls in his house, but he finds times to escape in his car to test out new songs and feel the freedom of exploring what his voice can do.

One of his proudest accomplishments was getting into the all male acapella group at his High School during his junior year, which was his first time performing with his peers and audiences in public. His keyboard skills got him invitations to perform in other music events including shows around the Boston Area at Faneuil Hall, food truck events with audiences in the thousands, and shows with the All You Got Tour with local pop/rock band Catching Arrows.

He joined the Plugged In music program when he was in the 5th grade, and that was the first time he performed with and for others. Always nervous performing in front of others, the program provided him a great experience in coming out of his comfort zone on live performances.

Seamus has recently participated in live stream events through Performers on the Go during the pandemic, and other music projects including the Christmas Reel video of favorite holiday songs.

He is writing music and just completed an original song with a friend at his school, and will be focusing on songwriting and live performances with Performers on the Go in 2021. TD Garden, Gillette Stadium, Radio City Music Hall, and Wembley Stadium are some of the venues Seamus aspires to perform at. When asked what adjectives best describe him, he responded “kind, creative, honest, ambitious and supportive.”

Seamus’s short-term goal is to make a really good and personal album, maybe become a

part of a boy band like One Direction. Long-term he desires to be a pop artist with a large fan base, and perform in front of stadium size audiences. He also plans to attend college and major in business and music.

“Seamus’s excitement for every performance naturally grabs audience’s attention. His delicate voice is soothing and relaxed and draws you in for the duration of his performances to listen to it all. He has a shy innocence that infiltrates his music and effortlessly attracts fans. Seamus grows each day as an artist, and is not afraid to take his voice to new places from low vibrato runs to falsetto climaxes.”-Performers on the Go

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