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Singer-songwriter Mel Fine releases coast to coast love story 'Alone Together'

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

BOSTON, MA-Boston singer-songwriter/soulful folk/pop artist, Mel Fine, releases their sophomore single, “Alone Together”, an emotional yet catchy story of love and yearning, detailing the insecurities of a long-distance relationship… I wonder if you miss me like you promised. Maybe I should just quit. Stop and let the distance grow between us.

Two different coasts

7 days ago, you held me so close

CA called and you had to go back home

“Alone Together” is a masterfully crafted song that showcases the pop genre at in its most stripped back, yet vibrant and modern form. The song opens up with incredible acoustic guitar work and soft, soulful vocals that are reminiscent of pop icons such as Adele.

As it progresses with a rhythmic foundation that is bound to make anyone start dancing, “Alone Together” transitions into a stunningly beautiful chorus that truly shows Mel’s vocal range through swift, ascending and descending melodic hooks.

Mel Fine's quarantine-crush confession, “Alone Together”, is the vibe-driven, guilty pleasure track many can relate to. With its infectious melody, honest storytelling, and masterfully positioned melodic hooks, the song brings new meaning to being alone together. The song demonstrates crafted layering of sweet melodic harmonies, falsetto runs, and perfectly placed background vocals. It brilliantly cascades through the emotions reverberating from one coast to another, on a love which won't fade despite the great distance between them.

It is a wonderfully produced track, full of complex vocal harmonies and layers of delicate and dynamic instrumentation, and transitions of smooth and effortless falsetto runs, which support the epic chorus.

“Mel Fine’s musical prowess is a result of not only their tasteful blend of pop melody and harmony, but also from their natural ability to hear sounds. Working with Mel on this last track was a great example of how Fine reaches for rich elements to infuse their new singles with fresh yet quality textures and sounds. I see big things happening for Mel, producing this latest track, “Alone Together”, and has shown how promising the future is ahead.” -Lit Honey Productions

In early 2021 Mel Fine won the Your Song original song competition with the submission of “Alone together.” The award was created by a collaboration between Lit Honey Productions and Performers on the Go.

A panel of independent judges reviewed an impressive line-up of original songs from many genres including pop, rap, indie and country for the Your Song original song competition, and the judging panel selected Mel Fine's song, "Alone Together" as the winning song. Mel was the recipient of a recording/marketing prize for the new single. Lit Honey Productions and Performers on the Go, both MA based music organizations who work with rising talent and ambitious musicians, collaborated on creating an all-inclusive package to launch and put in motion an artist's new single. The award package will focus on development, recording, song launch, content for marketing promotion, and Spotify marketing and playlist pitching.

The judge's enthusiasm for the song came through in their comments, Wow! Great beat. Great lyrics. Fantastic in all judging categories. I just love Mel's voice and distinct sound. This song should be on radio now!

Mel got in the studio to record this track in 2022, and is now ready for the world to hear it. This song will follow their debut single, "In Between", which has over 40,000 streams on Spotify. Mel is also one half of the soul/pop duo, Support Group, whose singles “Call Me Crazy,” “Blink of an Eye” and “Upside Down” have over 50,000 total streams.

Mel is a captivating, non-binary, story-telling singer-songwriter and producer who fuses soulful vibes with folksy acoustic pop to create honest and emotional music that pulls listeners in. An active performer, Mel frequents Berklee’s Red Room and has performed in over 100 shows including The Burren, Hard Rock Café, Berklee Cafe, Middle East, Berkshire Pride and many more.

Mel was awarded the 2021 Performance Division Voice Award by the Berklee College of Music Voice Department. Mel was also granted second place in the Berklee’s Songs for Social Change content for debut single, “In Between”, a raw and heartfelt take on growing up non-binary. The song is also on the ballot of the 64th annual Grammy Awards for Song of the Year.

Currently, Mel is a scholarship student and senior at Berklee College of Music majoring in songwriting and music production and engineering. Mel is also the Vice President of the Berklee Songwriters Club.

From the incredible vocal hooks to the beautifully constructed guitar arrangement, there is a lot that gives “Alone Together“ the potential to be a breakthrough song and one that could easily be heard on mainstream pop radio. Through this song, Mel has also proven that there is still so much one can do with a genre that has been around for so long.

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