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Three songs are semi-finalist selections in International Songwriting Competition

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Congratulations to songwriters Maya Salafia, Seamus Fox and Trisha & Thara, for being selected as semi-finalists in the Teen Category of the 2021 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). This young group have ten songs between them fully recorded and streaming on all platforms, all three have new songs in the writing stage, and two are currently in the studio with new releases planned for March/April 2022. They will automatically be entered into the final review for finalists in the ISC competition.

Each artist had a team they worked with which included Performers on the Go, a recording studio, vocal coach and at times industry contacts that engaged in song coaching and reviews.

A summary of each ISC semi-finalist song follows:

Seamus Fox: 17-year old singer songwriter and pop/indie artist

Semi-finalist song: 'Road of Life'

Recording studio: Lit Honey Productions/Dan Searl

The song is a chill indie pop song that opens up your eyes to seeing the world in new directions with open roads ready to be traveled. The song helps provide the mindset you can open up your eyes to see beyond the road blocks, dead-ends, and stop signs you come across, and follow the open road.

The song now has 13,400 streams (link in bio), and has been placed on 30+ playlists. The song was also a finalist in the 2021 'Back to Live' Loretta's Last Call songwriting competition.

Trisha & Thara: 13 and 15 year old sister pop duo

Semi-finalist song: 'Regret'

Recording studio: BKY Music

Vocal coach: Sharon Erman

Trisha & Thara's pop single, 'Regret' is a song with an emotional focus on the weight of regret in a relationship where love is impacted by behaviors and actions you can't erase, putting the relationship in an unbalanced place. The sister pop duo's streams on their first two releases just surpassed 100,000 streams.

Maya Salafia: 16-year-old singer songwriter and pop artist

Semi-finalist song: 'First Grade'

Recording studio: Liptunes Music/Malik Williams

Mastering engineer: Waltz Mastering

Vocal Coach: Sharon Erman

'First Grade' tells a story of first loves - pure, candid and heartfelt. It beautifully straddles the line between the personal and the universal, with highly relatable imagery and emotion. The song now has close to 28,000 streams, was placed on over 50 playlists, and placed 2nd in the Performers on the Go 2021 lyric competition.

Written by Patricia Duffey, CEO, Performers on the Go, LLC

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