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Alaina Ray's "Come Back" is a tug-o-war on love

Alaina Ray’s second single, “Come Back”, is receiving some great streaming activity in its early days following the July 17, 2020 release. Already on over 20 playlists two days into the release, it is expected to see more playlist excitement and attention ahead.

"Come Back", is about wanting to reconnect with a lost lover, while having feelings of hesitation. The song gives the lover a choice, making it seem like she is downplaying her feelings so they appear less obvious and desperate. The song has a soft haunting vibe throughout to portray the tug-o-war emotions being challenged. There is a cohesive constant of ethereal sounds, and hauntingly authentic vocals that invite listeners into her relationship struggle. Her song’s artwork aligns perfectly to the songs message with a sudden look back at what could have been, while remaining in a dark and sad place behind bars holding you back.

It is a dream pop song on the powerful force of love and how it can’t be predicted with love’s emotions interfering with your intentions. It is a song many can relate to as they manage new and existing relationships and question their continuation and longevity. The lyrics pull you into the relationship ….“The peaches in the bathtub kinda tastes like you.

All the kisses and the memories staying in my head. A part of me wants you, but I don’t need you….Your eyes the way they look at me brings me back to life. A part of me needs you, but I don’t want to love you.”

Alaina feels right at home in the dream pop genre. She is a 17-year-old singer­ with dynamic vocal range, confident delivery and an exceptional ability to put her own flair on popular covers and originals. Her soft smoky tone captivates her audiences. After beginning vocal lessons at 9 years old, Alaina has been dedicated to creating opportunities for herself. She created a local band where she was showcased in venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, Topsfield Fair, The Raven, UnchArted and the Northeast Youth Music and Arts Festival, where she was awarded the most hardworking and passionate musical act based on an online vote. Based on her success with her first release, “Feel it all”, she was selected as artist of the month with Artists on the Move based on her hands on marketing to playlists and obtaining over 9,000 streams on her debut song. Her producer is Lit Honey Productions.

Alaina is constantly writing and will be spending the summer at the studio working on new releases coming in early fall. She is also in a duo with Reece Gardner, Shameplant, and they have their first single, “Not Bad”, on Spotify and streaming platforms with more music in process.

"Alaina has steered her own direction, captures the audience with her smoky and breathy tone, and makes you feel the emotion from the song's first words. Her original music expands deeply on life's emotions and relationships and she can easily transfer that energy to the audience as if they are living it with her."-Artists on the Move

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