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Elliot Wren's "RIP My Diary" has streaming momentum

Elliot Wren's new single has streaming momentum behind it. The debut single, "RIP my Diary", is a recent finalist in the World Songwriting Awards. The song has received over 70,000 views on Spotify, and has added 12,105 monthly listeners. Since its release the song has been placed on over 90 independent curator playlists, and has been shared by influencers on 31 TikTok videos. Elliot Wren, 18-year-old indie/pop singer songwriter from Boston, MA, has been writing music for over ten years, and loves showing the impact experiences, new relationships and complex emotions have on life, and how you can let go and be free to escape unco

mfortable directions. It is an empowering song that celebrates self-love and moving on from those who are holding you back. Wren, who uses they/them pronouns, is a non-binary singer-songwriter. Growing up, they felt that they did not fit into the world around them, and music helped them overcome overwhelming feelings of uneasiness and belonging. Wren says, “I hope that listeners take away from this song a feeling of freedom. I hope they get a feeling of letting go of toxic relationships and focusing on what makes you happy.” It is a song about destroying the relationship history one wants to forget, and starting fresh….

“This morning everything came crashing down. I no longer want this hell. This afternoon saw me looking back at all the stupid things you said. Now all the journal pages they lie crumpled on my bed. RIP my diary and everything you had to be. I’m ripping up the pages that you’ll never get to read. RIP, RIP, RIP my diary.”

Elliot’s ability to make the lyrics relatable and genuine, makes one feel the release of emotions throughout the song. The pop hooks stick with you long after the first listen, and boppy sing-along vocals have a genuine innocence that brings home the reality of the situation. The song has received many views from industry publications, including Vents Magazine, Celeb Secrets, AnR Factory, Top Hitz, Your Digital Wall, and Queer Women in Music. Queer Women in Music's review commented that the song was a pop gem and that the "music takes you on a journey through their experiences with their raw lyrics and expressive sound. Elliot reveals their substantive soul through the lyrics and

arrangements they write and the ease at which they capture your heart." Also, Stereo Stickman provided a great review of her soon to be released 2nd single, "Good Luck". which is being released on August 21st. "Back with another pop-rock single straight from the heart, Elliott Wren leads with more of that engaging, personal story-telling that first appealed on RIP My Diary. This time though, the song progresses to deliver an addictive pop-punk-esque hook, even feeling a little like a country pop fusion track, with a dash of Taylor and even a hint of early Avril to it. "Good Luck" is a great song, catchy and beautifully performed, driving with a mighty hook section that resolves well and is later followed by an impassioned middl

e-8 that furthers the empowering, rising energy of the whole thing." Elliot’s focus on life is to foster inclusion, acceptance and awareness, and they hope some day to perform at Boston Pride. Elliot would love to find ways to help LGBTQ+ artists, artists with disabilities, and other artists who face extra difficulties in day to day life by showing them that it is possible to pursue music and find love in what you do. Elliot works with award-winning producer Brad Young of

BKY Music. She is writing every day and plans to continuously release new music. As a supporter of other local artists, Elliot is frequently seen performing alongside other accomplished

artists, and loves to organize singer songwriter events. Elliot looks forward to performing with Artists on the Move and is taking a partial gap year from from Hofstra University where she will be an incoming freshman in the spring. She has performed throughout the New England area with the All You Got Tour and at singer songwriter showcases, at City Hall Plaza, Loretta’s Last Call, First Night Boston at Copley Square, NH Pumpkin Festival and more. Last year she performed in the Countdown To Christmas Concert in Celebration, FL. She is frequently seen performing at in-the-round singer songwriter events in the Boston area. The "Good Luck" release on August 21st is sure to follow the same streaming success.

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