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Lina Cooper's "This Time" lands on two Spotify playlists

Artists on the Move contacted Lina Cooper today with the news that her new pop single, "This Time", landed on two Spotify editorial playlists. At the moment she heard the news, she was reserved and indicated she didn't want to celebrate unless it was for real. We responded that the song was officially on the two playlists Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Pop, so it was as real as it gets and was a good time to start celebrating. Seeing your song on a Spotify editorial playlist is what dreams are made of, and it is a huge reward for dedicated and career focused artists. Fresh Finds is Spotify's emerging music playlist series dedicated to featuring up-and-coming artists. Many of the artists featured in Fresh Finds are totally independent, may have a manager but not a label, or are on a small indie label. Fresh Finds is an important piece of the Spotify ecosystem that serves as a launching pad for emerging artists. The editorial team monitors what music performs well in Fresh Finds and playlists it in additional Spotify properties, further expanding the audiences of emerging artists on Spotify. The Fresh Find playlist currently has 712,371 followers and the Fresh Finds: Pop playlist has 82,607 followers.

A detailed PR campaign for Spotify marketing was developed weeks before the official release and included a combination of pop, indie/pop, independent and undiscovered artist playlists, and a database of blogs and radio stations to submit the song to for reviews and airplay consideration. In the first two weeks of the song's release it has been added to 20+ independent playlists which have a total combined following of 106,000. At the start of the campaign specific targets were included for the activity level for each day following the release, and the team all participated in providing updates on new playlist and blog additions on a shared document. The new release, “This Time”, is an indie-bedroom pop song that sounds like something between Taylor Swift’s “Red” era and Maggie Roger’s explicit style. It is a romantic anthem about holding on to the good memories and being afraid of losing them. The song takes you on a very personal lyrical journey of a sudden love you want to last and are terrified you will never find again. The chorus, “Hoping you will remember this time, wish I had hit the rewind three times, and go back to this night again”, sets off a stream of hooks that first time listeners will crave and be obsessed with. The song adds tender harmonies and a heartbeat like kick drum that intensifies the hooks throughout. Her songs capture subtle and memorable activities happening around her that others may not see in the same light and focus. There is an unforced style about her singing with its rich, wholesome, yet impressive range, that will keep you listening to her lyrics on repeat. A song review was done by Broken 8 Records the first week of its release.... "An impressive pop talent from the distant lands of Donetsk, Ukraine, Lina Cooper has been making her mark on the international music scene with her unique approach to music and marketing. Easily one of Eastern Europe’s most exciting new singers, she’s been impressing fans and critics alike with a deft blend of bold, evocative lyrics, sultry vocals, and pop-rock anthems. Early in 2020, Lina made her mark with the brilliant ‘By Abe’s’, an instantly enjoyable single that shone with a true sense of magic, and now, she’s back with another seminal, rock-infused release. The latest in a string of impressive singles, ‘This Time’ arrives as a dedicated pop anthem, one that shies away from more rustic tones and dives fearlessly into glossy, pitch-perfect sounds. Featuring Lina’s classically smooth vocals that soar over waves of acoustic guitar and building percussive beats, the new single breathes with a dynamic and unmistakably catchy energy that elevates it above the mainstream and into the upper echelons of modern pop anthems. There’s a soulful beating heart to the single, one that permeates through every note, offering a gentle indie feel that no one will be able to ignore. With flourishes of dual vocals, recordings from an old call, and seamless transitions throughout, there is a sense of grace and beauty in ‘This Time’ that gets forgotten by most modern pop tracks." The song's music video will be released on YouTube on July 10, 2020. Artists on the Move is super proud of Lina's accomplishments and driven approach to advancing her music career. Check out the music video and please add her new song to your playlists.

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