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Major Moment soars past a half million streams

Major Moment, award-winning Boston-based alternative/modern rock band, has been a guest artist on Artists on the Move marketing clinics with our artists. It takes minutes to recognize their marketing is professional and perfectly aligned with their brand. Their website, EPK, bios on all sites, overall fan engagement across their social media pages and PR from top industry publications, all confirm their solid brand and serious commitment to their music careers. They don’t just place content, but carefully create it so it is well thought out and positioned to have strong engagement. As an example, their EPK which we use as an example document for our artists, was prepared over weeks of the band making sure it was easy to read, captured all that was important, and was well represented of their brand. Major Moment has a full-on marketing plan, every decision has a strategic direction, and they focus on all their sites equally.

The band’s intense focus on their marketing delivers strong results and a loyal fan following. With frequent new content additions, they have strong engagement across all sites with 5,467 Instagram and 5,817 Facebook followers. In a matter of weeks, 'The Flood' lyric video has already received over 20,000 views, 32 comments and 90 shares on Facebook.

They currently have 539,846 in overall streams and 27,700 monthly listeners on Spotify and their latest release, 'The Flood', has accumulated 59,200 streams since its release on July 10, 2020. “The Flood” and has been reviewed in many industry publications including Alt Press, Good Call Live, Music Gateway, It’s Indie and we know it and Into the Pit UK.

Artists on the Move recently completed a Spotify marketing project for the band and new release 'The Flood', which included developing a 260+ playlist database focused on lists their fans would follow, and presenting the song to genre specific and specialty niche playlists. Eclipse Records Rock Life, Top Left Booking playlists and Hard Rock Workout, and Theocide Records and Uber playlists all included the song on their playlists, and the campaign expects more playlist attention to follow. The song has also landed on 30 Spotify algorithm playlists.

The song is a keep listening type of song given its emotional tug and stunning anthemic vocals enhanced by electronic power and dynamic rock energy. The arrangement draws you in with water flowing sounds and quickly transitions to masterful guitar synths. As Into the Pit UK publication describes, “It is a beautifully provocative track that draws the listener in and shows them that the world is incredible yet horrific at the same time, exposing that we as human beings are a great contribution to the downfall of humanity. The vocals are allowed to clearly come forward, intervening the volume of the guitars to vent their frustrations, hurt, and sorrow – all of which is majorly goosebump inducing throughout the entire track.”

On YouTube follower commented on the song’s impactful emotions, “There’s no words to describe it, it brings shivers to my spine, and makes me think so much. "And in a world so cold and so demanding, there can be no happy ending" words seriously.”, while many others simply commented, “Masterpiece”. The chorus’s message of fighting forward and not allowing the world to drown by floods we can stop is thought provoking….”Don’t let us trade our worth for what is trending, why are we so condescending? After us the flood. And in a world so cold and demanding, there can be no happy ending. After us the flood.” They state their main influences as Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon and Papa Roach. The band’s fans are also fans of The Horizon, STARSET, I Prevail, Skillet, Nine Inch Nails and Poets of the Fall. Their new release is sure to add to the award history the band has enjoyed with a total of 21 nominations, 5 wins and 6 honorable mentions in various music and songwriting awards. They perform all over Boston and love to travel having performed on Hilton Stage of Winter NAMM Show in 2019. Band members Andrey Borzykin and Sasha Razumova, hope everyone can find something personal to take away from their music, or something they’re looking for or something they need. The band wants to create music that makes people feel something or make you stop and think. That for them is true success. “We originally started writing the lyrics inspired by a personal event we had to deal with,” Borzykin says. “As we kept writing, we realized the song had a much deeper meaning talking about the current state of the world we live in. We wanted ‘The Flood’ to serve as a reminder that we are all a big family, and that despite our differences, we do actually bleed the same.” Just like their band name Major Moment, they want their music to reach the world, have a major impact on people’s views of the world and hopefully make major moments have a favorable influence on escaping the floods of destruction. Follow the band at their sites below. Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify:

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