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Heavy metal single "Teacher" is a story of a battle to escape abusive entrapment

"Teacher" is the latest heavy metal single by Boston-based singer-songwriter and heavy metal artist Maximilian Wentz, as he gears up for his debut album release of a 10-track collection, Mare, on January 23, 2023. Right from the song's first verse, "Teacher" immediately crashes through aggressive metallica-inflused power to raise the pulse and anxiety of anyone hearing it, seconds after clicking play. The tempo is frantic, setting the scene of a world under constant threat before slamming the brakes on for low end metal grooves that prepare you for the next round of whiplash slamming in the harsher vocals and raging aggression created in the build up. One can't help but feel the chaos that crashes in and out throughout the song, and the guttural vocals appropriately capture the intensifying fear. The song was is part of a series of songs inspired by the video game “Little Nightmares”,

The song uses a classroom environment to portray a group of student's rebellion and the all in battle against corruption from an abusive teacher who exists to put others down and feel worthless. Old-school metal riffs and air-raid slides kick in throughout the chorus and effectively raise the moods intensity, Wentz is no stranger to raging, quick-picked chaos, and he brilliantly weaves in and out of the students emotional turmoil. Their determination breaks through on the chorus, and the emotions heighten in the build up to the final chorus.

Shackles I break

Shackles I break

Shackles I break away

My soul you can’t take

My soul you can’t take

My soul you can’t take from me

This is the end

This is the end

This is the end you see

The violent battle to win is a force felt throughout the song, and the student's focus to save their souls, will give them the strength to win and be freed. The head jamming guitar solos are perfectly placed throughout the song and provide a visualization of the battle. The dark artwork depicts the students in chains, anchored to the teachers desk. with the teacher having full control over their actions with no likelihood of escape. The themes of desperation and terror are felt in seconds of hearing the song and viewing the artwork.

Teacher, you are the essence of fear

You’ll never keep us trapped in here

We will be the end of you and your world

Learn, everything will come to burn

This is the lesson we’ve earned

This is the lesson you taught us with your hurt

Deep in your soul there is hurt

Your hope only lies in our worth

And telling us that we’re all worthless

Maximilian Wentz will be promoting his new album across social media platforms, PR and and through live performances over the coming months. Collectively, Max's singles (including releases with related project 51st State) have amassed over 474K in streams, have received dozens of reviews and have been placed on hundreds of playlists. In 2021, Wentz was nominated for a New England Music Award in the category "Top new artist".

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Maximilian Wentz's vibrant deep-rooted originality crosses through many genres making strides in his own direction. Combining all his music passions together he covers chill vibe acoustic to heavy metal originals, that capture his broad spectrum of talents. His ever-evolving mix of music keeps surprising, and he exists in a space of constant creation that reflects passion and hard driving emotions.-Performers on the Go, LLC

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